A “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Overview of an Interesting Book

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Over the past few years a symbolic relationship has grown between celebrities and their penchant for writing and other hobbies. While there are many of them who have wonderfully and meaningfully taken these hobbies to a new level, some are doing their best in showing their hidden talents. A look at some of the interviews of celebrities, like Sean Penn, shows what it is like to make a transition from acting to a new gig.


Writing novels, although far less entrepreneurial today than four or five decades ago when there were many popular writers in the industry, is still a potentially lucrative business if it’s done by popular personnel. For average writers, it is like a high-wire act where there is no safety net below. Sean Penn as we all know is not your average writer. With many hit movies and shows all through his career, he has an impeccable record when it comes to money and fame. But the recent controversies have turned him away from the Hollywood industry, or so he says in his recent interview with Vogue. Looks like, he has got all the free time now that he is away from the acting business. His new novel titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a proof that Penn is still active in his life and taking new challenges as it comes.


Only in movie industry can you find such a blending of creative talents and self-interest, says Sean when asked. Undeterred by all the allegations that are surrounding him right now, he is all set to concentrate on one thing he has loved the most in his life – writing. And that fact is depicted in his novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, which is about a character leading a double life. Today Sean Penn is thinking more like a writer rather than an actor. The stakes are now so high that decision to write a few more books depends on how well his new novel will be received by the reading audience. So, where does he get the inspiration to write? Only Sean knows.