A Titan Of Natural Gas And Oil Production – Meet Obsidian Energy

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Many Canadian citizens that specialized in engineering and production-engineering have worked at Obsidian Energy, one of the core producers of oil and natural gas in the country.


If you are old enough, you might know them by their previous names, as the company has already answered with different names throughout their history in the country.


Founded in 1979, the company and group were previously called Penn West Exploration Ltd., but then it changed to Penn West Petroleum and finally Penn West Energy Trust before settling for the name “Obsidian Energy.”


Obsidian Energy is a core producer and one of the most important oil & gas companies in the industry, having a big participation in the economy of Canada and part of the employment of the country, as Canada suffers from a population of aged people, and most of the young workers and students end up joining the big corporations because of their quality of employment and good working conditions.


There is a measure called the “S&P/TSX 60”, a ranking system that puts sixty companies from the Toronto Stock Exchange in degrees of extensiveness. The Obsidian Energy corporation group stayed among the sixty largest companies on the S&P/TSX 60 for a long time, especially during their best production time, a few years before the beginning of the 21st century.


The company is located in Calgary where they have their headquarters, but their wells and production factories are scattered throughout the whole territory of Canada, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for employment across the country.


Obsidian Energy hasn’t always been in a great financial situation, but Obsidian have overcome a few boundaries and are now considered one of the biggest providers of oil and natural gas in the country, competing with the standards of the best producers and providers internationally.


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The President and CEO of Obsidian Energy is David L. French, and, without the entrepreneur, the company would’ve never succeeded the way it did.