Article Title: A Look At Jana Messerschmidt’s Professional Profile

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Jana Messerschmidt is an investing partner at Lightspeed Ventures. Since assuming her role at the Lightspeed Ventures, Jana has been a critical figure tasked with overseeing the operations of the venture capital firm. Her solution-oriented nature and her proactivity have earned her the nickname Jana Lightspeed. Lightspeed ventures have benefited from the expertise of Messerschmidt, and we can accurately say that she has been instrumental in ensuring Lightspeed Ventures establish itself as a market leader.

Before being involved with Lightspeed Ventures, Jana held several top positions at various companies. Some of these companies include Twitter and Netflix. Jana’s role at Twitter is acclaimed since she played an instrumental role in the success of the social media platform. While at Twitter, Jana took up the position of Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform. She used this position to build lasting and durable relationships with brands and companies both in the local and foreign market.

After her exit from Twitter, Jana landed a job at Netflix as the Director of Business Management. Similar to Twitter, Jana’s role at Netflix needed her to use her interpersonal skills to build long-standing relationships and partnerships. It can be accurately said that Jana’s expertise and experience in the business world have been instrumental in her success at Netflix.

Jana has invaluable interpersonal skills and an incredible understanding of the business world. Her experience in the business world continue to contribute to her success in the formation of several partnerships with both established and upcoming firms; this has earned her the name Jana Lightspeed. Jana has been partnering with various consumer electronics companies as well as firms in the tech and mobile sector. Besides working at Netflix and Twitter, Jana has also had the opportunity to work with brands such as AT&T and DivX.

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