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Grace Farms Foundation Development By Sharon Prince


Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a community center and cultural institution that utilizes the outdoor surrounding by helping in inspiring and increasing communication, fostering education and understanding all aspects of nature. Grace farms invite visitors to engage in different site programs and to hear from leaders from different disciplines, interacting with people from other backgrounds and get close to nature. Grace Farms is a multi-faceted program that constitutes one of the largest open areas for public activities.


Grace Farms was funded by Sharon prince who is the chair as well as the president of the foundation which is a private entity that was established in 2009. The purpose of this foundation, therefore, was to enhance lives by engaging nature, justice, arts faith, and community. Sharon Prince had a vision for the foundation that was a public area that was shared by two individuals and not a nonprofit entity. The Grace Farms foundation has emerged as the place of comfort and grace to every individual who gathers. It has also emerged out the best and garnered several awards for its contributions towards environmental sustainability, social good, and architecture


It is through the hard work that she has managed to end child exploitation, violence against women and human trafficking on both local and international scales. She held an international congress in 2016 about fighting human trafficking and this resulted in a published report to the UN Security Council that laid limelight to what is happening at the backdoor.


Sharon Prince has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways. Sharon Prince also received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”.


Grace Farms foundation is under development and initializing global media to create the freedom to end modern day slavery. Throughout the inception of this foundation, Sharon has described its purpose as the place to preserve it as a gift of open space and peaceful respite of the community to enjoy and an inspiration center in pursuing justice and collaborate for the common good.



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Adam Milstein: The Need For Good Jewish Leaders

Adam Milstein is an excellent example of how one person can make a positive difference. He is a successful real estate broker and a philanthropist. He even founded a self-titled foundation to help give the Jewish community access to better healthcare services. His constant work for the Israel and Jewish communities are part of his overall purpose. Adam Milstein is also a Pro-Israel Activist. Being born and raised in Israel, he knows first-hand about the oppression of innocent Jews. Adam is also good at expressing his feelings in articles on platforms such as the Times of Israel. One piece in particular, “Diaspora Jews Will Rise to Meet Our Challenges with Israel in Our Hearts,” is an interesting article. It calls for the need of good leadership for positive changes. There are many efforts that seek to overthrow the State of Israel. Israel is the historic home place of many Jews. Adam is against these efforts and believes that good leaders that will execute action are the only solution.

Adam Milstein discusses how he continually encounters the next generation of leaders through is philanthropy work. A lot of people that share the same passion for keeping Israel alive are innovative and hard working. What Milstein believes is that they need support to strengthen their courage to execute the action that will make a positive difference and keep Israel alive. The truth is that being a leader is a lot harder than it seems. Leaders who fight against things like bigotry, racism, and hatred will undoubtedly face isolation. They will face ridicule and the need to make difficult decisions. One example of this that Adam Milstein discusses is Jabotinsky. He was a leader that was condemned for attempting to create a separate Jewish Nation. Though this instance had an unfortunate result, it is still important that people invest in current and future leaders. They hold the power of positive change. The purpose is to make each generation stronger than the one that was before it. If Radical Muslims can so easily accomplish this than Jewish leaders have the power to do that and a lot more.