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Integration of E-Textiles Into Fashion

Unifying mediums with Fashion

Some people see fashion as a means of recognizing their unique ability to draw from the world of fashion and to create a new expression that speaks to people unlike those elements did in the past. On the other hand, there are those people who see fashion as a way of bringing the odd, the beautiful, grotesque, and creative, into a unifying blend that speaks coalescence and unity to the many.


Following the lead of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in their exhibition of Man and the Machine or “Fashion in the Age of Technology.” One artist at the Academy of Art University saw an opportunity to pursue something that she had for a long time showed interest, which was to combine and integrate technology into her fashion garments. Basically using things like 3D printing and LED lighting not as an external gadget but as incorporated into the fabric of a garment. It was the METs Man and the Machine display that caused her to begin putting her latent thoughts into play.

Iceberg as a Wearable Garment

The fashion designer captured the image of an Iceberg Dress and molded the combination of 3D art, design of fabric and the integration of LEDs and fiber optics and how to enhance her designs using all the elements together.

Winning the MET Competition

At first the MET congratulated her on being chosen as one of the finalists she was very excited. Later, in a further communication from the Metropolitan Museum of Art she was notified she had actually won the competition. Her work at AAU helped her realize her dream, her career, her journey, and made her realize her talent as a fashion designer.

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University (AAU) is an art school located in San Francisco and rtecognized aroung the world. The AAU is accredited member of NASAD, CIDA, NAAB, CTC, WSUUC, and offers programs in Animation & Visual Effects, Moiton Picture & Television.