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Dr. Clay Siegall – Driving Seattle Genetics to Greater Heights

Dr. Clay Siegall – Driving Seattle Genetics to Greater Heights

Clay Siegall is Seattle Genetics’ founder and CEO. Its headquarters are in Seattle and principally focuses on biotechnology. The company develops targeted therapy Drugs for diseases that have not had significant mortality improvements in years. Mr Clay Siegall has always had a keen interest in medicine, technology and has always been hoping to overcome diseases. He has always been hoping to intervene in nature’s course and restore the health of those ailing. He first became drawn in cancer while in the University, when one of his family members got ill of cancer. He says the treatment regimen administered to them was nearly deadly, causing severe anaemia. They almost died owed to chemotherapy. This made him aware of other treatments like surgeries and amputation and swore to come up with better alternative ways than these.

His company, Seattle Genetics provides many channels for making money. The company makes money by selling their proprietary Drugs, antibody-Drug conjugate. The company also receives vast revenues from the product partnership and the licensing of their developed technologies. Other than this, the company equally has other revenue sources that remain undisclosed, yet they work very satisfactorily. Over the period in which the company has been in operation, Dr. Siegall explains that they started realizing profits ten years ago, after the IPO.

Siegall believes that having enough passion for your work and staying focused on it is the recipe for being successful. He quotes Charles Darwin’s letter to his cousin, Francis Galton who established psychometrics that men don’t largely differ in intelligence. He believes that any other things such as your IQ and where you attended school come second as far as success is concerned.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He remains the president of the company, the CEO and also the chairman of the company’s board. He is a scholar and a scientist by training, who specializes in targeted cancer therapies.

Seattle Genetics under the leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall is where it is presently, a global brand in developing antibody-Drug conjugates. Through his leadership, Seattle Genetics has raised and secured over $675 million through public-private financing.

As a scholar, Dr. Siegall is a holder of PhD from George Washington University. He equally has B.S in Zoology from University System of Maryland, Inc.