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Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert on the Tips to Improve in Business by Venturing in your Employees

Louis Chenevert says that there are a variety of ways that an investor should use to raise their business. Among them include investing in their employees. The reason is that the employer already knows his or her team well, hence, knowing what they are capable of doing and what they cannot be able to handle.

In many work-oriented environments, team building has always been embraced. Team building is a fun experience. Some institutions have come forward to build houses to the needy in the society. Such community social responsibility needs volunteers to run swiftly.

It is through such occurrences that the team come together and put back their indifferences to bring out the best in them. Venturing in such undertakings bring in better money return and time instead of always purchasing new computers. The employees will view work as a home to be and hence work extra harder.

When employees are rewarded for working hard, it gives them the morale to work hard as there is someone who appreciates their efforts in the organizations. The institutions head can place a couple of awards categories not only the month’s employee. Gifts or certificates can also be added to boost the staff’s effort at work.

According to Louis Chenevert, a manager who keeps the needs of its workforces at hand can introduce a scholar program — aiding your employees to cater for the education charges to add more experience. The experience will help in the success of an institution.

Louis Chenevert himself used to pay for his employees in a degree program that they chose, enabling him to hire them as they were certified in the given fields.

An employee needs to create the best work area for the staff. Workers should be at work for eight hours in a friendly environment and not a squeezed cubicle. When employees are comfortable they work well, hence, the company will have a high income.

Robert Deignan CEO of ATS Digital Services Emphasizes Customer Satisfaction as Key To Success

Serial entrepreneur, Co Founder and CEO Robert Deignan earned his B. S. in Business Leadership from Purdue University on a full scholarship for football. He was already sure he wanted to be a business owner. However, he played for both the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins before he founded his first company, FanLink, Inc, in 1998. He became Executive Vice President to iS3, a company that developed and supported security solutions for businesses and consumers around the globe, three years later in 2002. In this position, Robert Deignan, according to an interview at posted May 28, 2018, could see the problems customers were having and helped to create a solution. The goal was to remotely address customers’ issues, which increased both customer satisfaction and trust. Now, ATS, established in 2011, is who consumers call for help with technical and computer issues to receive the same attention to customer satisfaction.

Robert Deignan is also forward looking when envisioning the role technology will play in the everyday lives of current and potential customers. He shares his expertise and perspective in many articles. The article “Tech Expert Robert Deignan Does a Deep Dive on 5 Key Technology Trends” published October 14, 2018 at gives consumers deeper insight into AI, voice recognition, 5G speed, automated transportation and virtual reality. Also included is how the Internet of Things figure into these trends. This article allows readers to view the trends from a more informed perspective.

Entrepreneurs and businesses experiencing growth spurts can benefit from the advice published July 10, 2018 at entitled “8 Business Processes You Can Outsource, with Insights from Robert Deignan” by Brandon Ferguson. It tells of the benefit of time management and happy customers that comes from giving some tasks to dedicated service providers. The processes included sales, tech support, customer service and live chat. One of the business owners most valuable assets is his attention, which then can be turned toward running the company. Robert Deignan’s forward looking perspective is sure to guide ATS toward innovations grounded in keeping consumers happy and earning loyal clients.