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Doe Deere: Morning Routines that Actually Work

Most of the world’s successful people have a strict morning routine which they go by. One of the people who have managed to stick to a morning routine that actually favors them is Lime Crime’s founder and CEO, Doe Deere. Doe is an entrepreneur who has taken the beauty industry by storm. She is the pioneer of the matte lipstick trend that has everyone talking. With her business and speaking gigs, she has to manage her time well and it all starts with her unique morning routine.



Doe wakes up every morning at half past eight. She says that she does not need any alarm clock because her body is now used to it. While some people may think that waking up at 8.30 a.m. is a bit late, Doe attributes her clear skin and relaxation to her many hours of sleep.



Immediately she wakes up, Doe will drink a glass of water so as to start her day while hydrated. Since she lives in Los Angeles, she has to deal with the dry air. Once she has had a glass full of water, she will stretch and so as to loosen her back. Thereafter, she will start to prepare her breakfast, which is mostly grits. Grits is a type of cereal and she likes to have it with some fruit and yoghurt. The good thing about having her own garden is that when she wants to make orange juice, all she has to do is to pluck and prepare fresh juice.



Being the boss of a team of creative people can be an overwhelming task for anyone. In order to make things flow smoothly, Doe has her phone to help with this. Her phone is literally her life as it has all her schedules. In fact, she has created an internal company chat which helps her stay in touch with her team even before she gets to the office.



Doe likes to do her makeup while listening to music. Her favorite band is the Beatles. For her face and makeup routine, Doe has a range of products which she uses almost daily. She will start by washing her face using Glossier, her favorite face wash. She will then moisturize using Murad before she applies foundation. Before moving to her eyebrows, Doe prefers to powder her face so as to set her makeup. Her favorite part is when she gets to apply blush and lipstick because she adds color to her face.



Before heading to the office, Doe loves to spend time with her two Persian cats. She will then go to the office at around noon, have lunch and then socialize with her team. Her day will be busy-mostly attending meetings and making official calls to clients. She tries to leave the office at around 6.p.m. but sometimes she has to stay on till midnight when the work demands.



Doe Deere swears by her routine and her successful career can show for it.