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Roseanne Bennett Brings Canine Assisted Therapy To New Jersey


New Jersey’s favorite family therapist, Roseanne Bennett has changed the ways of counseling and psychology by bringing “Canine Assisted Therapy” to her office for her patients.


At Roseanne Bennett’s practice “Center for Assessment and Treatment”, she helps all individuals; even the ones with no source of income to be able to pay for their sessions at the center.


At her practice, Roseanne focuses on a curriculum that helps maintain proper functions for the center and her many patients. As Roseanne believes in various therapeutic activities,


Roseann Bennett has recently added “Canine Assisted Therapy” to the curriculum to help new and current patients with a variety of disorders including anxiety, PTSD and a number of social interaction disorders.


Jack, who is the center’s treatment dog is brought in to help children learn to interact in social situations and even with adults to help them become more comfortable with Roseanne Bennett and open up to her about their problems easier. By having a dog at a patients side, they are able sit and pat Jack while having some sense of comfort during their sessions when they are trying to open up about trauma that has occurred in their life.


For children, Jack helps them in many different social situations including having to stand up in front of the class to read or give a presentation on a project. Just having the added company of a dog, gives anyone the extra boost they need to concur a fear or even just open up to their councilor about any current issues.  See This Page to learn more.


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