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Igor Cornelsen: background and career

Igor Cornelsen is among the popular investment advisors in Brazil. He was born in Curitiba Brazil in 1947. At the age of 18 in 1965, he pursued Engineering at the federal university of Parana. At that time, getting admission at Parana University was competitive since it was the only school offering engineering courses. After two years of pursuing engineering, he switched to economics in the same institution. He became the most excellent- performer in his class due to his skills in calculating rates. In 1970, he landed his first job at an investment bank. There henceforth, his investment journey commenced.

Igor Cornelsen had outstanding skills and talents in the investment sector. As a result, he climbed ranks to join Multibanco,s board of directors in the year 1974. Two years later, he became the companies CEO. Igor’s leadership was however short-lived. The Bank of America acquired the company and Igor Cornelsen sought new pastures. He moved to Unibanco which was among the top investment corporations in Brazil. In 1985, he transferred to a London Merchant Bank, Libra Bank PLC. This move opened new doors for growth. He and his associates from Libra Bank PLC moved to standard Merchant Bank. In this bank, he worked as a board member in directors board as well as a delegate for his country Brazil. For seven years when Igor worked as a board member, he was tremendously successful.

Mr. Igor acquired enough expertise in the investment field to launch his own firm. In 1995, He founded his own company where he works as an investment manager to date. Igor Cornelsen owes his success to the significant experience he gathered while working in various professional roles. He accredits his growth to commitment and focus. He has grown more knowledgeable in the field due to his interactions with friends, studying economies and listening to the news.