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Alastair Borthwick, Writer, Broadcaster And Model Citizen Of Scotland


Author of, Always a Little Further, Alastair Borthwick is well known in literary history for his trailblazing story about the beautiful mountains in Scotland.


Alastair Borthwick has encouraged Scottish people to discover the mountains and climb them. The book, Always a Little Further, talks about the stunning mountains in all their glory and helps people to become passionate about exploring the mountains and getting out into nature. The book was published in 1939 when the Scottish Society was battling mass unemployment in the nation.


Alastair Borthwick entertained his readers by giving them comfort in learning about the mountains. He showed them how to appreciate what was right in their backyard and enjoy life. Climbing clubs became popular in the area. The most famous was the Creagh Dhu. The climbers slept in caves at night and enjoyed all the beauty surrounding them in Scotland. See Related Link for more information.


Alastair focused on the adventures of the climb, the people involved and their personalities, emotions and many other features that occurred during the climbs. Borthwick felt that there was more to a climb then just the climbing itself. Because he captured the real beauty of climbing and getting out in nature, the book has never gone out of print.


Alastair Borthwick’s talents were not just in writing. He also had a very good career in broadcasting. When World War 2 started, Alastair served with distinction. He was with the Seaforth division and fought in Africa, Holland, Germany, Italy, and France. He and his unit traveled over 3,000 miles and fought in many noteworthy battles.


Alastair Borthwick served as an intelligence officer. He was exceptional at his job and kept his company from being captured into the hands of the Nazi.


After the war, Alastair wrote his second book “Battalion”. It is a book about the history of the British infantry from El Alamein to the Elbe. It was a major hit and received many great reviews. After the difficult war, he and his family lived a peaceful life while Alastair continued to write and broadcast. He was a proud countryman and a model Scottish citizen. Alastair Borthwick died in 2003 and his books still continue to inspire people of all ages.


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