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Rocketship Education is a Public Charter School that Offers Quality Education

Education plays a primary role in securing a better future for children. As a parent, enrolling your child in a renowned school such as Rocketship Education is one way of bettering your child’s life. For more than a decade, Rocketship Education is one of the public charter schools that have been registering remarkable grades. Rocketship Education’s success has attracted the attention of bloggers such as Anya Kamenetz who believes that the students are being mishandled, hence the good grades.

Classroom Management

Anya Kamenetz was trying to propagate false information on the poor class management at Rocketship Education specifically when it comes to bathroom breaks. Teachers are conversant with the fact that classroom rules and school policies are a mandatory part of the classroom management. Also, the school cultures vary from one school to the other regarding school routines, rewards, and discipline. As per Anya Kamenetz, Rocketship Education is one of the schools that have “high expectations.” To achieve their goals, Anya Kamenetz speculates that the school has approaches classroom management strictly to make sure that the students will primarily concentrate on attaining good grades. Preston Smith responded to these allegations by saying that teachers should always be disciplined and they should also respect the boundaries that exist between them and the students. Although working with children might be cumbersome at times, Rocketship Education has been doing a great job, and the students are satisfied with the school’s curriculums.

The Use of Technology

Anya Kamenetz also critiqued the use of technology at Rocketship Education. In her article, she talked about how students only interact with one computer program for 80 minutes a day. Preston Smith agreed with Anya Kamenetz sentiments about students working with the computers for 80 minutes a day. However, he went on and said that the students work with more than five computer programs within the 80 minutes. Later on, the following questions came about: Is technology harmful to kids? Which forms of technology are best suited for kids?

Preston Smith responded by saying that computers are well suited for students. Furthermore, what matters most is the constructive activities that the students engage in when working with the computers.