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Anthony Constantinou On How Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Change The World


Anthony Constantinou has made a name for himself as the assistant professor and lecturer of Bayesian Artificial Networks at Queen Mary University of London.

There is no questioning the fact that Anthony Constantinou is supremely dedicated to leading this department well. However, there is much more to consider regarding this story. Constantinou is also dedicated to showing how the world can be changed for the better through Bayesian Networks.

Anthony Constantinou realizes there is more than one way to accomplish this task. Thus, he prefers to take a multi-faceted approach. First of all, one of the main ways he shows that the world can be improved through Bayesian Networks is through simple activism at his university.

One of the ways that Anthony Constantinou seeks to accomplish this is through actively training the future generation in a field of Bayesian networks. This is why he routinely actively teams up with other members of his department to offer scholarships and other trainings to create more PhD candidates. If that was the only thing he did it would serve a remarkable contribution for him. However, he also published papers that seek to show the real life applications of how Bayesian networks paint the world.

First of all, his department is offering a new PLoS ONE publication entitled, “The Future of The London Buy-To-Let Property Market: Simulation With Temporal Bayesian Networks”. In this piece, he and his associates have sought to show that even in mundane economic matters such as London real estate, Bayesian models can change how one looks at the world. Moreover, several months after this article was published, Anthony Constantinou and his team also published another piece in The Significance Magazine entitled, “Things To Know About Bayesian Networks.” Even though this piece is a little bit more run-of-the-mill, it still illustrates Anthony Constantinou’s commitment to educating the public at large about Bayesian Networks. He knows he is equipping the next generation, and that is something he takes very seriously. Refer to This Article for more information.


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Academic Work Of Dr. Anthony Constantinou


Dr. Anthony C Constantinou is a lecturer and assistant professor of data analytics. Constantinou is known for his prominent work in areas of Bayesian modelling. Not only is he familiar with key theories and underlying principles, but he has expanded his research to apply within multiple industries. Infrastructure as well as modelling techniques have been drastically improved in the private sector thanks to his work.


Research interests

Bayesian Artificial Intelligence is his main area of research. It includes causal discovery, statistical machine learning, game theory, data and decision sciences, as well as uncertainty quantification. Dr. Anthony Constantinou specializes in Bayesian Networks that come from computer science to help in risk and decision-making analysis, modeling for prediction and decision analysis for real world problems. He applies these ideas to a wide range of fields such as sports betting, forensics, medicine, project management, agriculture, gaming and gambling among others



Dr. Anthony Constantinou teaches both undergraduate and graduate classes at the Queen Mary University. Many of the courses are about his research as well as related topics of interest.


Data analytics (undergraduate)

The module uses various approaches, techniques, methodologies and tools for data analysis. The results obtained from data analysis are then used to enhance decision-making in both business and industrial context. Find More Information Here.


Data analytics for postgraduate classes

The module uses various methodologies, techniques, tools and approaches for data analysis. Results are incorporated to affect decision-making in both business and industrial context. He uses this course to expose his students to industry standard data analysis tools and techniques. It also helps to promote awareness of the challenges that come in the territory of working with huge data sets. The module also focuses on topics that relate to social, legal, ethical issues associated with storage and analysis of data. Students also undergo practical work such as empirical data analysis and presentation of results to stakeholders on an ongoing basis.


Anthony Constantinou has been one of the editors at PLOS ONE, a platform that gives researchers a faster path to publish their work. Some the publications he has done include: ‘’Learning DAGS with Temporal Information’’, “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Under Certainty”, “Dolores: A model that predicts football match outcomes from all over the world”, among many others


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