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How Gino Pozzo Helped Improve Watford FC

Over the past few decades, Italian Gino Pozzo has been involved with a variety of different football clubs across Europe. Throughout this time, both Pozzo and a few other members of his family have become well-known for taking lower-division football clubs and turning them into world-class competitors. While many people may know him for his time with Watford FC, Pozzo’s passion and career in the industry goes back a few decades. This career began with his father’s purchase of the Udinese Calcio football club in his hometown of Udine, Italy.

The Pozzo family had been related to former Presidents of the club, and because of that had a significant amount of love and admiration for the team. As such, once the opportunity to buy the club presented itself, the family snapped it up. This was in the mid-1980s, and at the time, the football team was struggling to advance beyond Series B. However, within three seasons, the Pozzo family had had such an effect on the team that they made it to the Champion’s League for the first time in years. This success was chiefly down to Gino Pozzo and his father, who then became increasingly well-known in the industry.

Furthermore, this success led them to be involved in a variety of other football clubs across Europe. In 2012, this led to the opportunity to buy Watford FC. At the time, the club’s best days seemed to be behind it; it was heavily in debt, and it was struggling to climb their way out of the Fourth Division. With that in mind, Gino Pozzo moved to England to have greater involvement in the company’s daily operations. Since buying Watford FC, the Pozzo family managed to lead the club to the Premier League within four seasons. After this, however, Gino Pozzo sold off his shares of the company so that he could focus more on the Udinese Calcio football club.