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Eric Lefkofksy believes cancer may not be cured, but will someday be chronic illness

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the country’s leading medical philanthropists. After having successfully founded a string of major internet startups, the billionaire decided to dedicate much of his time and wealth to the improvement of medicine throughout the United States. In Chicago alone, Lefkofsky is famous for having donated tens of millions of dollars to local charities, hospitals and other medical causes. He is widely credited with being one of the godfathers of modern Chicago medicine.


But over the last decade, Lefkofsky slowly began tiring of being constrained to the sidelines. After a family member was diagnosed with cancer, Lefkofsky was dismayed to find that, over the course of two years of attending oncology appointments, it was clear that many positions had less access to quality data and analytics than the typical truck driver. Lefkofsky knew that this presented a major inefficiency in the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions. He sought to begin finding ways to improve the ability of treating physicians to access quality data and intelligence in their treatment of patients.


Lefkofsky was always abreast of the cutting edge of medical research. He knew that over the last 20 years, the major area in which great advancements had been seen in cancer treatment was in the broad category of treatments known as targeted cancer therapies. These treatments were meant to reduce the side effects, often horrible, of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, while simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of treatments. In many different areas of targeted cancer therapy, great advancements have been made in the survivability of many different types of cancer, and these had been radically improved due to the advent of targeted therapies and learn more about Eric.


This is one of the realizations that lead Lefkofsky to co-found medical data and analytics company Tempus. Tempus seeks to harvest the vast quantity of data currently available to the medical community, including the increasingly available data on individual human genomes, to allow physicians to answer complex questions regarding the treatment of different types of cancer.


Through advanced analytic techniques, Tempus is creating platforms that allow physicians to have the power of million-dollar studies at their fingertips, even for questions that have never even been considered by peer-reviewed studies and more information click here.

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Eric Lefkofsky Beings Another Tech Entity

Most 47-year-old men who have a net worth of $1.7 billion could be forgiven for feeling they don’t need to start anymore tech companies. Most people would assume it’s fine to just kick back for awhile and enjoy an extended vacation after forming several highly successful online companies, including Groupon, Innerworkings (a marketing firm) and Echo (a logistics-based company). Yet entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, who is indeed worth $1.7 billion, had a change of heart when his wife became ill with cancer. The experience was a game changer, and it motivated him to form yet another startup company, despite the stress and difficulty of launching another firm and more information click here.


A Wakeup Call

When Lefkofsky’s wife became ill, they found themselves in the midst of the medical world, attending meeting after meeting with doctors who were searching for the right approach to treating her illness. What surprised Lefkofsky was how limited access was to an up-to-date cancer data base. It struck him that other industries, like even the trucking industry, had better professional data on hand to help people do their jobs well. All of this drove him to launch a company that could get the needed information on cancer patients and treatments onto a database that doctors could use for devising new forms of care for current treatments and learn more about Eric.


Tempus is Formed

The company Lefkofsky formed is called Tempus. It is now creating a library of molecular data that doctors can access easily when working on treatment plans. The company now has 150 employees, and it is self funded by lefkovsky, as he wants to keep the company independent and running smoothly without the need for outside resources.


Yes, starting a new company is a highly challenging endeavor, but Tempus has an important mission behind it, and it’s one that Lefkovsky just couldn’t ignore and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


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