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Guilherme Paulus: Tourism Entrepreneur Who Became A Billionaire

     Guilherme Paulus is one of the newest billionaires on the planet. The businessman from Brazil has been added to the annual billionaires’ list of the Forbes magazine, and it was explained how he managed to build his wealth through the creation of hotels and tour operator services. There is an increasing number of billionaires from Brazil, and one of the reason is that of their dedication to their profession and their determination to become wealthy. Guilherme Paulus held on to his dream to become a successful businessman someday, and he even served as an intern at IBM to increase his knowledge about the world of business.

The tourism entrepreneur from Brazil initially thought that if he would be creating a business, it should revolve around the tour operator services because it is always in high demand. He looked for a business partner and found a Brazilian politician who is willing to give him a hand. The two signed their partnership contract and established their tour operator services firm named CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. It was a challenge to handle a tour operator business at first, but Guilherme Paulus managed to get the idea how it should be run, and under his leadership, the company became one of the leading tour operator services providers in the whole Latin American region.

Four years after the establishment of the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. in 1972, his business partner decided to leave the company, and they broke apart. It was a complicated turn of events for Guilherme Paulus, but he continued managing the tour operator services firm and added a few ventures into the company, including the establishment of his chain of resorts and hotels. It was established in 2005, and in just a short period, 15 branches were built all throughout the country. His resorts and hotels were also constructed strategically near airports to attract more guests.

Guilherme Paulus became a billionaire when his tour operator services firm started to partner with the Carlyle Group, which purchased more than $400 million worth of shares from the company. Aside from the partnership with a multinational private equity firm, Brazil’s hosting of two major sports events – the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 – boosted the country’s tourism industry, affecting his hotel business and tour operator services positively. He is optimistic that the increasing tourist arrivals in the country would benefit him more.

IDLife and Useful Wellness Products

     IDLife is a firm that puts its attention on all kinds of wellness and health matters. It’s known for its many options in individualized dietary supplements. People who want access to all kinds of nutrition products regularly go for IDLife’s plentiful offerings. Logan Stout is IDLife’s current Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His leadership colleagues include Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Joe O’Connor and General Counsel Mark Bennett. Bennett also functions as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). IDLife is a distinguished network marketing division that concentrates on individuals and individuals alone. The people who represent IDLife come up with plans for individuals by assessing certain components. They evaluate components such as medication use, medical backgrounds, physical matters, overall lifestyles, eating habits and even personal factors.

IDLife provides its customer base with many choices in products. These products serve all kinds of purposes and applications, too. IDLife Sleep, first and foremost, is a sleep aid that has a pleasant taste that’s reminiscent of classic mint. It’s a strip product that sits on users’ tongues. It encourages people to enjoy rest that’s soothing and strong. IDLife Skin Care can come in handy for individuals who want to keep indications of the aging process at bay. People who have concerns that involve the development of fine lines, sagging and wrinkles often opt to use IDLife Skin Care.

IDLife caters to people who want to handle their weights. It accommodates individuals who wish to lose weight the optimal way. It has an Appetite Control product that is a supplement that people can chew. People can consume these supplements when they wish to do away with the intense desire to eat. ID Nutrition is a well-known product that gives people access to formulas that are 100 percent individualized. The IDLife team creates these formulas by evaluating HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) matters. The formulas include any and all components that can aid people who want to attain glowing wellness.

Fans of shakes can in many situations get behind IDLife’s varied offerings as well. IDLife Shake revolves around whey protein. It’s a product that’s chock-full of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. It’s chock-full of fiber as well. The objective behind IDLife Shake is to enhance the loss of weight. It’s also to enhance recovery, the movement of joints and even muscle power. IDLife products can often assist people who want to experience markedly higher levels of liveliness and energy.

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Jeff Yastine Talks About The “Death Of Retail”

     Many experts have written about the Great Mall-pocalypse of 2017. The theory focuses on the ‘death of retail’ that claims that the United State retail business will be transformed from brick and mortar retail outlets to online retail business. The transformation will see the composition of traffic in the United States greatly change from personal cars to UPS freight vans. The UPS vans should be seen crisscrossing every available road, as they try to deliver goods to consumers in each corner of the United States.

However, this prediction will not be realized any time soon. Notably, big money is moving into the retail mall industry. This shows the strong investor confidence in the sector and an indication that the brick & mortar retail outlets will continue to operate as going concerns. One of the recent big monies that have moved into the industry is Brookfield Property Partners LP. The investment company offered $14.8 billion for the mall. According to the deal, the company estimates that the value of each of the company’s shares would be $23. The deal will see Brookfield Property Partners increase its ownership of the mall from 33 percent to 100 percent. Following the offer, the share prices of the company has soared by over 18 percent in just five trading sessions.

Brookfield’s investment is not driven by traffic, as the number of people shopping from the malls has reduced. This is because retail assets drive their investments. The mall’s real-estate assets have continued to gain in value despite of the dwindling retail business. According to Brookfield, these assets can be used to open new revenue generation streams.

Another firm with key interest on malls is Miller Value Partners. Recently, the investment company acquired two mall-based REITs. The acquisitions have seen CBL Properties and Washington Prime Group join the company. Bill Miller, an infamous mutual fund manager, is the founder of the company. Warren Buffet is also increasing his stakes in the retail mall industry through Berkshire Hathaway. Recently, the company bought stakes in Seritage Growth Properties. It is also involved in the redevelopment of the dead Sears store outlets.

Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is an editorial director at. He is also the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a magazine published by Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff joined the company in 2015 after years of working as a financial journalist. In addition, he has two decades of experience in stock market investing. In 2002, the journalist won the New York Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award.

How Ted Bauman has grown to Become a Renowned Editor

     Ted Bauman is a professional hedge fund manager who currently works as an editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing. He was born in the United States on the Eastern shore of Maryland. After completing his high school education, Ted traveled to South Africa to pursue his passion in economics. Bauman qualified to join the University of Cape Town where he had his university education. The hedge fund manager later graduated from the institution with several degrees. He prides himself on holding doctoral degrees in economics and history. Ted Bauman started working in South Africa where he spent over two decades working as a hedge fund manager as well as an editor.

The editor’s knowledge and skills enabled him to work with several organizations in Africa, where he acquired his expertise in managing funds. His resilience towards success saw him rise through the ranks to become an executive of multiple non-profit organizations. Ted Bauman primarily dealt with establishments, which focused on curbing housing shortages through the construction of new homes for low-income earners. He was often contracted by several non-profit organizations, to offer advisory services on their projects. The hedge fund manager was privileged to work with the World Bank, the South African Government, the United Nations, and European agencies that participated in charitable activities.

Ted Bauman’s passion for assisting communities enabled him to establish Slum Dwellers International through a partnership with other personalities. The organization grew up from a local establishment in South Africa to a renowned association across thirty nations in the universe. Slum Dwellers International currently supports millions of people living in slums through donations. The hedge fund manager later relocated to the United States after working in South Africa for twenty-five years. His experience in the corporate sector enabled him to be absorbed by the Habitat for Humanity International. Ted Bauman pursued his career in the organization from 2008 until his departure five years later. He began working as an editor and a researcher since his resignation.

Bauman features on several publications, where he offers financial advice to his subscribers. He is an influential figure who guides individuals on how to acquire wealth. As an editor, he is associated with Banyan Hill Publication where he contributes on several topics on a segment of the Sovereign Investor Daily. Ted Bauman recently pointed out that Bitcoin is a scam since it does not allow people to transact. He views the cryptocurrency as a decentralized system methodology that makes people earn without doing anything.