Dick DeVos and Airport Updates

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Dick DeVos contacted AirTran Airways’ Chief Executive Officer out of the blue a few years back. His goal was to encourage him to take action regarding the airport located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This communication was a breakthrough for West Michigan and transportation. It essentially revolutionized air travel in the region. DeVos was able to get through to the executive rapidly. He had a lot of things going for him. DeVos’ family members were the owners of the NBA’s (National Basketball Association) Orlando Magic. This team’s games took place merely steps away from AirTran’s main office. DeVos got the company head to accept seeing him in person. This, in turn, was the factor that with time got him to travel to Grand Rapids. It was the factor that brought on the exciting choice to set up nonstop flight that originated in Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


Fortune came his way, too. Southwest purchased AirTran Airways not long after it started Grand Rapids service. DeVos’ aim shifted at that time. He at that point had to encourage the airline to stop by West Michigan in order to maintain its existing routes. These routes traveled straight to both Baltimore, Maryland and Orlando, Florida.


Southwest Airlines introduced direct flights that went to Denver, Colorado, Orlando, Florida, Baltimore, Maryland and St. Louis, Missouri during the summer of 2013. The airport in Grand Rapids experienced a steep passenger boost not long after that. This achievement brought on significant and substantial updates as well. These renovations are going to come to fruition sometime in 2018. Examples are enhanced security check-in and a host of brand new dining establishments, business facilities and restrooms.


DeVos is a man who deeply cares about Michigan. That’s why his reasoning for wanting the airport in Grand Rapids to do well is clear. He’s always been someone who battled it out for things that were important to him. He has a wife who thinks in the exact same way, too. Betsy DeVos is the name of his wife. Most people in the United States are familiar with Betsy with good reason. She now works as the United States education secretary. She works next to President Donald Trump on a regular basis. People frequently see her close to the President during all kinds of events and occasions.


People who have heard of DeVos are usually aware of his zeal for aviation. He’s had a love of air travel that’s been part of his existence for ages. He flies planes all by himself when he gets the opening, too. Aviation is something that pushes him all of the time. Philanthropy and politics are two other things that get DeVos moving and enthusiastic each morning. That’s why he made a charitable group with the assistance of his wife back in the late eighties. This widely known organization has made donations to all kinds of cultural, social and educational causes throughout the years. It continues to prioritize the well-being of society as a whole as well.


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