Dr. David Samadi: Expert in Robotic Surgery

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At the age of fifteen, Dr. David Samadi had to leave his place of birth to seek refuge in a different country because of effects of the 1979 Iranian revolution. David and his younger brother left for Brussels and later London where most of the renowned prostate surgeon’s journey began. In 1983, he joined Rosylin High School in New York which had comprehensive programs that led to his Biochemistry degree from Stony Brook University. In 2000, David started training with a team of doctors and experts in cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. While at the cancer institute, Dr. David Samadi became a member of the American Urologic Association Society of Urologic Oncology. Modification of the robotic technique in 2007 was the first significant achievement in the surgeon’s professional life that exposed him to the whole world. Although he is an expert in all manner of cancer surgery and forms of treatment, David focuses on prostate surgery with a specific goal to help men of all ages to lead a quality life. Dr. David Samadi is renowned for being the only surgeon to integrate the SMART surgery technique and the robotic system. He performs an average of 15 prostate surgeries every week, these add up to more than 7000 surgeries in his practice. The extensive experience and success rate distinguish him among prostate surgeons around the world. Currently, he is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Dr. David Samadi’s day starts off at 4:30 AM. He stays in the office for one and a half hours before heading out to check on patients and day operations. According to the world-renowned physician, his evenings are unpredictable because he makes a point to check on all his patients before going home. David attributes the success of his projects to his photographic memory. He points out his operating room as one of his top creations. The surgeon’s priority on efficiency over speed has trickled down to his team of nurses and anesthesiologists. David proudly compares his team in an operating room to a plane with a pilot, copilot, and crew members.

The results-driven surgeon relates envy and jealousy to something worse than cancer. He avoids any form of negativity and only keeps trustworthy people around him. He also takes time to play tennis and deep breathing as a way of alleviating stress. Dr. David Samadi believes sticking to strict daily schedules helps to improve efficiency at work. Although he is a busy surgeon, his patients have full access to him at all hours.