Dr. Jacob Gottlieb Is An Accomplished Physician and Investor

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The story of Jacob Gottlieb is one worth telling, because not only is he successful in the investing industry, he is a medical doctor as well. Even more importantly, Jacob Gottlieb is dedicated to giving back to the community and regularly donates to organizations around the country that help improve the community at large. Organizations like Robin Hood and Math for America are a couple of the foundations Jacob has personally contributed to a high degree over the years. Robin Hood works to end poverty throughout New York and Math for America is working to improve math and science learning in classrooms around the country.


Jacob Gottlieb is an accomplished investor these days, but he was originally a medical doctor coming out of college, after earning his medical degree. One of the reasons Jacob got into the medical field first is because he wanted a high-profile job like his parents as well as a challenging job. It wasn’t until later that he realized medicine just wasn’t that great of a fit compared to investing, which Jacob had previously enjoyed when he was younger. Jacob even won a contest in high school for picking successful stocks much more accurately than any of the other students.

Jacob has had a few successful companies over the years, climbing the investment ladder through various corporations. Today, he is the CEO and founder of Visium Asset Management, where he also maintains a position as managing partner. This successful hedge fund is responsible for more than 8 million dollars in assets and has allowed Jacob Gottlieb to achieve the level of success he has always wanted. Not only that, but it has allowed him to fuel his passion for philanthropy as well. Jacob says he is grateful for his time as a doctor as it taught him many valuable lessons that improved the quality of his work over the years and allowed him to successfully pursue his true passion, investing.