Dr. Tim Ioannides: Founder Of Treasure Coast Dermatology

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Held in high esteem by members of his trade, Dr. Tim Ioannides is a medical professional of earnest sincerity and coveted ethics. Keen to hone his skills early on, Ioannides attended the University of Miami School of Medicine, subsequently earning his medical degree.


Soon after, Ioannides embarked on his residency and worked in the dermatology and surgery department at Jackson Memorial Hospital. An enlightening juncture, Ioannides realized his prowess as a practitioner during his postgraduate training. The last phase before plunging into pursuits of his own was to undergo an internship. Ioannides did just that at the University of Florida School of Medicine.


Ioannides internship brought with it some startling revelations. While working alongside a proficient cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tim Ioannides discovered that medical thinking seldom plays a role in cosmetic operations. According to Ioannides, the “medical side took a secondary stance.”


Notably distressed by this reality, Ioannides made the valiant decision to reinvent the proverbial wheel. Relying on his grit and savvy, Dr. Ioannides ventured out into the entrepreneurial unknown in hopes of creating an establishment that offered a “proactive approach to medical care.” In other words, Ioannides had aspirations of injecting medicine-based rationale into cosmetic surgeries. See This Page to learn more.


As a result, Treasure Coast Dermatology came to fruition. Based out of Florida, Treasure Coast Dermatology has numerous offices scattered throughout the Sunshine State. Dr. Ioannides is exceedingly proud of the progress his enterprise has made and the impact it’s had on patients.


In fact, Tim Ioannides is trademarked for his patient-oriented practices. Dr. Ioannides maintains that there’s seldom a connection between doctors and patients given today’s technology. In hopes of upholding the “human element” that’s vital during appointments, Ioannides foregoes electronic medical records. Though he’s caught some flak for his outdated methods, Dr. Ioannides appreciates the bond it’s created with his valued patients.


Visit him on https://angel.co/tim-ioannides