How Kimberly Bakker Events Founder Drives Momentum In Business

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There’s a fast-growing network of powerful female entrepreneurs upending the barriers of societal male dominance today. For San Francisco-based event planner, businesswoman and philanthropist, Kimberly Bakker, it’s all about possibilities. This fast-rising female CEO launched Kimberly Bakker Events.

It’s not a rare revelation when children preserve reminiscences of adventures and dreams that remain coherent into adulthood. Ms. Bakker recounts being the quintessential event planner and host to an audience of stuffed animals as a minor. It’s a memory she’s kept alive and realized with her event planning startup.

Kimberly Bakker Events put emphasis on creating spirited affairs that respect individuality, provides bespoke hospitality and warmth. Kimberly Bakker is quite the keen organizer that strives to incorporate every detail; which is a key performance quality for professional event planners. With this skill, Kimberly Bakker executes her duty with immaculate precision and seamless coordination. Her recommendation for any aspiring entrepreneur, especially those looking to launch an event planning venture is being intuitive. Throughout her career, Kimberly Bakker employs the power of intuition to guide her decisions, and she’s yet to regret her choice.

As CEO, Kimberly Bakker proactively oversees operational matters and take on a diverse role; to ascertain optimal performance and a transparent production. She assumes a pivotal position, guiding quality control, monitoring public relations and consulting. Besides her primary role at Kimberly Bakker Events, she’s committed to numerous non-profit organizations; where she oversees the management panel as chairperson.

Being a doting mother is also a duty that brings her immense delight. In fact, she admits caring for her young daughter transcends all else. With a first-class education and degree from USC (University of Southern California); Ms. Bakker immediately secured her first employment with the Mayor’s Office as a Protocol Officer. She’s held numerous positions for top companies locally before finally embarking on her entrepreneurial endeavors. Go To This Page for related information.


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