Mark Holyoake Transformed Iceland Seafood To International Force

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British businessman Mark Holyoake is perhaps best known for his activity in two sectors: real estate and sea food. Mark Holyoake has blazed a trail of success across both these fields. He’s done it with a philosophy that involves, among other factors, “trusting other people with responsibility.”


Mark Holyoake graduated from the University of Reading in 1995. He then plunged into high-stakes real estate investment, working mostly on projects located in central London. He established Oakvest Holdings in 2005, a major real estate firm now headquartered in Luxembourg, but which maintains offices and a major presence in London. Oakvest is among the premier real estate investment entities in Europe.


Mark Holyoake has been a leading figure in the international seafood sector. In 2010 he bought a major position in Iceland Seafood International. He came in at a turbulent time for the Reykjavik-based company as Iceland was reeling from a devastating banking collapse. After nearly 10 years on the ISI board, Mark Holyoake has helped the company not only survive but thrive.


In a recent interview, Mark Holyoake said he saw ISI as a tremendous opportunity to build something special. He liked the fact that the company had decades of history behind it. That legacy of trust and loyal customer base could serve as anchor and foundation for an even more exciting future.


Mr. Mark Holyoake said the value of ISI has increased its worth in excess of ten times since he bought in nine years ago. Today the firm exists as a PLC corporate on the Nasdaq First North. It has been a stellar performer showing consistent growth and robust profit generation. Read This Article for related information.


Mr. Holyoake spreads the credit around, saying ISI has prospered as the result of a lot of hard work by many “great people who came together” to deliver a clear strategic path forward.


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