Missouri’s old school style: Organization is vital to success according to Ronald Fowlkes

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One of Ronald Fowlkes main characteristics is his straightforwardness. He’s an honest and direct person. He’s not the least bit pompous or eccentric. If you want bombastic advice on how to reach success in business, you’re definitely looking at the wrong guy. He likes to keep things simple, or “old-school” as he says and it has definitely worked wonders for him. He doesn’t use scheduling apps on his mobile phone or tablet. Instead, he prefers to keep a paper and pencil on hand to write down a daily to-do list and whatever he hasn’t been able to achieve in the current day, gets moved to the top of the next.


For him, high organizational skills are fundamental since his work day is not “your typical 9-5”. FirstSpear has a lot of international customers -especially NATO- so he gets to work quite early in the morning and maintains a strict routine to be as productive as he can and be able to deliver the quality job he needs to. He always starts his day on the phone with international customers, takes his children to school -he believes is really important to keep balance between personal and professional activities- and then goes to the office. His work starts by answering emails and messages from customers and coworkers. Then, he has a meeting with his team to sketch out product ideas and organize and delegate activities and responsibilities. After the meeting he supervises large orders in the production channel to guarantee they’re on schedule. He thinks of himself as a “creature of habit” so he constantly writes everything down on a small booklet or flash cards. He regularly makes lists to divide tasks into milestones and be aware of the tasks he’s completed or on schedule and the ones that are pending.


He believes in teamwork. For him, it is vital to surround yourself with a talented and trustworthy team you can delegate activities to and rely on constantly. Knowing who to entrust responsibilities to is fundamental to achieve success in the industry, especially for a person as busy like Ronald Fowlkes. Diversity of perspectives and intellectual humility –being able to recognize you don’t have all the right answers- enrich a team and help to maintain much better personnel driven organization.