Neurocore Is Helping People Improve Their Muscle Memory With Its Unique Brain Training Methods

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It is becoming increasingly more clear that the difference between performance levels in humans is closely linked to the brain as much as to the physical body. Another thing that has become clear is that there is a substantial connection between the development of the brain and that of muscle memory. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase. This appears to be due to the fact that muscle memory itself is tied to cognitive function and the embedding of skills into the fabric of the brain. It is from this phenomenon that the concept of an athlete being in the zone arises from. Professional sports teams like the Portland Trailblazers have become big proponents of using brain training. As part of its training and recovery, the team now utilizes a brain room as one of its protocols. Since starting this program, the team has seen a great increase in its overall success. NFL quarterback Kurt Cousins has also raved about his massive success adding a brain training regiment to his routine.


This sort of brain training for performance enhancement has been at the forefront of the work being done by Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. Neurocore was founded by brain performance expert Dr. Tim Royer. The company currently has offices in the states of Florida and Michigan. Neurocore was originally founded to help in the treatment of ADHD by making use of brain training methods. The company has greatly expanded on the patient base that it helps in the area of brain training since then Neurocore has had great success at helping patients make use of the brains natural neuroplasticity and ability to change. Just like the body, the brain can be exercised. Neurocore accomplishes this by utilizing its unique blend of biofeedback and neurofeedback that help change the efficiency that the brain is able to operate at. Read more about Neurocore at