Richard Liu Qiangdong As The Founder And CEO Of JD.Com


Richard Liu Qiangdong’s empire, according to Forbes, was worth over an estimated $12 billion US dollars as of early 2018. Richard Liu is a self-styled and brilliant entrepreneur who is undoubtedly cleverer than most of his peers as well. Richard Liu graduated with a degree in sociology from the prestigious Renmin University of China in 1996. In addition, he has made himself a name in business circles thanks to his ability to incorporate talent into his educational pursuits, unlike most ordinary common folk.


Richard Liu received his EMBA from the China Europe International Business School and upon graduation, he was employed by Japan Life where he spent two years using the computer programming skills he cultivated at home through freelance coding work to fill the position of director for computers and director for business.


Richard Liu’s second degree was in business and it came a long way in engraving his name in modern folklore. Liu is without a doubt truly legendary. Afterward, however, Richard Liu Qiangdong started his own venture at a shop where he sold magneto-optical products in Beijing. It was called “Jingdong”. This name is a fusion of two names. The first part is the last character of his then girlfriend’s name and the second part the last character of his own name.


By 2003, Jingdong had expanded to 12 stores. However, that year’s SARS outbreak forced both staff and customers to remain house-bound threating the future of this new business. In the fallout though Richard Liu Qiangdong was forced to reconsider his brick-and-mortar business marking the beginning of This being the year 2004. Go To This Page for additional information.


Richard Liu’s new idea was very successful. The WeChat owner Tencent obtained a 15 percent stake in for $215 million. Richard Liu went public in the US two months later in one of the biggest Nasdaq floats of the year 2014. The change from a chain of physical stores to an online one is the testimony to his business savvy, intuition, and flexibility. This space has probably not been as skillfully maneuvered up until now but with the success story of Richard Liu Qiangdong, the pace has been set.


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Aaron Lupuloff School Foundation Founder is Executive Senior Director of GCPS Foundation


In October 2015, GCPS Foundation named Aaron Lupuloff the new Senior Executive Director. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation created the new position of senior executive director to build capital and endowment.

The Gwinnett Public Schools Foundation was founded in 2006. GCPS is dedicated to promoting a healthy, well-educated, and responsible community. In Gwinnett County, 140 schools are supported. In Over 10 years, the foundation has awarded 139 scholarships. The foundation supports the needs of 148,250 students. Over the past year, $455,748 has been donated by concerned county citizens like local individuals and wealthy corporations for the benefit of the students. Mr. Aaron Lubuloff is one of four board members on GCPS. Go Here to learn more.

Prior to becoming Senior Executive Director, Norcross resident Aaron Lupuloff established the Norcross High School Foundation. The new senior executive director of GCPS has served on the Norcross foundation as president, vice president, and booster club officer. Aaron Lubuloff is responsible for starting the Georgia Tech Advisory Board where he was a former board member. Lupuloff spent 20 years working for Bear Stearns and JP Morgan as their managing director. Lupuloff worked with Raymond James Financial Inc and Fifth Third Bank Securities. Aaron Lupuloff received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Alabama. Aaron Lupuloff has been in the financial services industries for over 35 years.

Aaron Lupuloff and his wife Jan have four children. The couple supports many charities, including Partners Against Domestic Partners, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Camp Twin Lakes. a camp for children with serious illnesses. For their concern for the welfare of others, the Lupuloffs were inducted into the NHS Hall of Fame in 2011. Three of their children graduated from Norcross High School, in 2007, another in 2009, and the third in 2016. Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill once said that we make a living by what we get and a life with what we give.


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Hopeland’s Annual Gala In New York City Supported By Victoria Doramus


Philanthropist Victoria Doramus has donated an undisclosed sum of money to Hopeland. This occurred during Hopeland’s Annual Gala, which was held in New York City in December 2018. Several well-known actors and actresses joined with Doramus in raising awareness for Hopeland. These included performances by Ari Afsar (who is known for her role as Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, wife of Alexander Hamilton, in the Chicago performances of the musical Hamilton) and Keala Settle [who was made famous by her role in The Greatest Showman, Lettie Lutz (who sings the hit song “This is Me”)]. Settle was introduced by another famous actor, Hugh Jackman. Visit This Page for more information.


Victoria Doramus is a London based philanthropist who specializes in Nonprofit Organization Management. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts in 2006 and became a creative consultant for several companies between 2006 and 2013. From 2014-2016, she became the personal assistant to Film Director & Producer, Peter Berg. Victoria Doremus mainly worked in New York City during this time, managing property and forming relationships with independent contractors in the Greater New York City area.


Since 2016, Doramus has been involved with several charities and non-profit groups, including the Amy Winehouse Foundation (prevents young people from misusing alcohol and drugs), Room to Read (helping underprivileged children around the world get an education), Best Friends Animal Society (saving dogs and cats from being killed in shelters), and the Women’s Prison Association (helping women recover from being incarcerated). Her most recent contribution, as previously stated, was to Hopeland.


Hopeland is a non-profit institution, based out of New York City, founded in 2014 by Deborra-lee Furness and Nicholas Evans. Their goal is to help children, both in the United State and around the world, stay with ‘safe, loving families.’ The Hopeland Annual Gala was announced to raise funds for their daily operations. According to Evans’ speech during the gala, “Just because you didn’t cause the problem, doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the solution.” Evans has high hopes for Hopeland in the coming years, thanks to support from Victoria Doramus and other donors.


More about Doremus on is one of the biggest e-commerce markets you will ever find. tries to use the newest technology to advance their already profitable business. started out as a small store that quickly grew into a large merchandiser. They have started to branch out and provide products to other parts of the world as well. is still trying to grow. recently struck a deal with a company in Japan called Rakuten. This company produces drones and robots that will help with deliveries. Having this type of technology to help with deliveries is going to allow for faster and easier deliveries. With growing as fast as they are, deliveries by drones and robots are going to help business run efficiently.


JD launched some of these delivery techniques. They have saw nothing but success from these types of delivery services. has high hopes to expand their business now that they have more efficient ways of delivering products. Rakuten is really helping to advance the development of They hope to help benefit people from all over the world. Since beginning to use drones and other new ways of delivering has used almost 500,000 minutes of air time deliveries. and Rakuten is changing the way of e-commerce and delivery options. With all of the success that they have already seen, they are very excited to see what the future holds. They hope to keep branching out and be able to supply products for many other countries. is not going to stop growing, they are going to continue to see success for a very long time. Rakuten has started something new for and there is no telling where this is going to take them. has an exciting future ahead of them and they cannot wait to see where it takes them. Refer to This Article to learn more.




Steve Lesnard Surefire Ways To Build Amazing Product Brand Marketing For Success


So Steve Lesnard proposes some incredible ways to formulate impactful marketing campaigns that yield quality conversion in today’s digital era. He highlights that brands should always focus on the benefits that truly meet consumer needs. Too often valuable benefits fade in the process of selling transient features. With new age social media platforms and digital tools, it’s almost effortless to communicate product benefits consumers.


Steve Lesnard is a highly prolific businessman and entrepreneur who is mainly specialized in product marketing. He is a well-known marketer in the United States and a native of Portland. He worked with Nike as the Global Brand Manager and plays a vital role in the prosperity of the company. He holds a master’s degree in business and entrepreneurship which he received from Babson College.


Steve Lesnard shares two product marketing principles every brand creator should explore for a successful campaign. Simplicity doesn’t come naturally for brands today as the masses spend time overselling basic features and mention innovations later. Lesnard recommends that marketers define salient product upgrades and innovative features perspicaciously where it instantly engages the audience.


Every brand sets out to impress consumers with their newest products, but sometimes the impact isn’t momentous. Why? With each new experience, consumers’ thoughts change. Whatever products a brand promotes, it should always make the consumer journey memorable and add some value to his or her lifestyle. Three cardinal probing questions presuppose utility, appeal, and purpose. Every time a customer comes across a new service or product, these concerns usually prompts an inner monologue. Go To This Page for more information.


If a brand introduces new services or products, it’s paramount they’ve elaborated on these attributes profoundly. After all, consumers need an immersive experience to relate to a brand’s offering. Steve Lesnard commends Yeti for their impressive marketing campaign that emphasizes remarkable examples of brand ambassador endorsement. Steve Lesnard stresses the importance of choosing brand ambassadors that can lend themselves to the venue and convey a truly inspirational story. Video marketing extends the perfect outlet to share consumer testimonials if done correctly, he further explains.


Similarly, Lesnard remarked how Apple’s latest iPod campaign exemplifies the true essence of effective product marketing. The emotion and simplicity put into communicating real benefits to the target audience left no room for indecision. It seems Apple intends to maintain the same simplicity and narrative for all its upcoming marketing campaigns, Steve Lesnard anticipates. As he critiques the tech giant’s recent campaign promoting its newest “smart watch” feature. With its ECG reader capability, Apple continues to build momentum with the wider fitness and health community. Meanwhile, it’s also connecting with older folks that benefit from such services. Wellness innovator Peloton also received positive sentiments for its latest product marketing masterpiece. With its product introduction for its state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio conveying the promise of personalization and privacy; winning stay-at-home fitness health fanatics was a sure sell.


Visit: Entering The International Fashion World, also known as Jingdong Mall is one of the most successful e-commerce brands and online shopping platforms in China. is also recognized as the largest retailing business in China. What sets Jingdong Mall apart from other businesses is that they always evolve with the times and they are never stagnant, even with the huge success that the company already has. never settles and always finds opportunities to better their platform and reach more people. has recently partnered up with the British Fashion Council and they have a three-year partnership that will help on-schedule designers for London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Men’s. is also London Fashion Week’s official and only Chinese retailer partner. The partnership of and the British Fashion Council wants to create a platform where designers, global brands and top names in the fashion industry can connect and make a beneficial relationship for both ends.


The partnership also wants to introduce British and international brands to the very volatile and complicated Chinese market – as well as increasing the visibility of Chinese brands to the international fashion scene through partnerships with the top names in the fashion industry. Find More Information Here.


In 2018, Jingdong Mall collaborated with three fashion designers from the British Fashion Council and the Vogue Designer Fashion Fund and they put up a big fashion show in Shanghai to introduce these designers to a wide audience of buyers, media and influencers. These designers were Le Kilt, Rejina Pyo and Huishan Zhang. Later in the year, also partnered up with these designers and supported them in their catwalk shows in London Fashion Week.


Jingdong Mall wants to bridge the gap between the Chinese Fashion Culture and the International Fashion Culture. They want to connect China into the world, even more than it is from today.’s Fashion and Lifestyle President, Victor Hu, wants to make fashion as an international language through this partnership with the British Fashion Council.’s 300 million user count in China will benefit from this partnership – but more importantly, the designers, clients, brands and fashion businesses around the world can also tap into the wide user audience of


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How Kimberly Bakker Events Founder Drives Momentum In Business


There’s a fast-growing network of powerful female entrepreneurs upending the barriers of societal male dominance today. For San Francisco-based event planner, businesswoman and philanthropist, Kimberly Bakker, it’s all about possibilities. This fast-rising female CEO launched Kimberly Bakker Events.

It’s not a rare revelation when children preserve reminiscences of adventures and dreams that remain coherent into adulthood. Ms. Bakker recounts being the quintessential event planner and host to an audience of stuffed animals as a minor. It’s a memory she’s kept alive and realized with her event planning startup.

Kimberly Bakker Events put emphasis on creating spirited affairs that respect individuality, provides bespoke hospitality and warmth. Kimberly Bakker is quite the keen organizer that strives to incorporate every detail; which is a key performance quality for professional event planners. With this skill, Kimberly Bakker executes her duty with immaculate precision and seamless coordination. Her recommendation for any aspiring entrepreneur, especially those looking to launch an event planning venture is being intuitive. Throughout her career, Kimberly Bakker employs the power of intuition to guide her decisions, and she’s yet to regret her choice.

As CEO, Kimberly Bakker proactively oversees operational matters and take on a diverse role; to ascertain optimal performance and a transparent production. She assumes a pivotal position, guiding quality control, monitoring public relations and consulting. Besides her primary role at Kimberly Bakker Events, she’s committed to numerous non-profit organizations; where she oversees the management panel as chairperson.

Being a doting mother is also a duty that brings her immense delight. In fact, she admits caring for her young daughter transcends all else. With a first-class education and degree from USC (University of Southern California); Ms. Bakker immediately secured her first employment with the Mayor’s Office as a Protocol Officer. She’s held numerous positions for top companies locally before finally embarking on her entrepreneurial endeavors. Go To This Page for related information.


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There Are Personal Injury Lawyers Ready To Hear Your Claim: Call Kisling Nestico & Redick


Whenever you are facing an uncompromising lawsuit or medical bills due to a personal injury, you can call on Kisling Nestico & Redick.


Kisling Nestico & Redick is a professional law firm is located in Akron, Ohio. They believe that their clients should be supported until their settlement is completely done.


Throughout the careers of these three attorneys, they have managed to recover over $450 million dollars in settlements. The experience of a personal injury became a true storyline in Nestico’s book of life. At 15 years old, the future attorney faced a personal injury when a driver his a vehicle he was traveling in. As a result, Nestico suffered from broken kneecaps and arms. Along with those injuries, a steel rod was placed in his forehead due to his injuries. Read This Article for more information.


Well, the incident encouraged Nestico to study and major in law so that he would never get hurt again. His business partners have experienced the need for justice to be in their favor as well. As the licensed attorneys met, they knew that it was time form a law firm to help common citizens. Since opening in 2005, Kisling Nestico & Redick has helped thousands of people get the settlements that they needed. It has been all due to their dedication in the field of law. Moreover, Kisling Nestico & Redick worked together to speak on behalf of their clients in court and over-the-phone.


As a bonus, the three licensed attorneys love to give back their communities. They have done a lot of events to help children with their school supplies. To help out the less fortunate, Kisling Nestico & Redick has raised over $250,000 to support those who need food and clothes. To Kisling Nestico & Redick, it’s all about reaching out and supporting the community.


In turn, it lets the community know that they are credible and reliable in case a licensed attorney is needed in their lives. Kisling Nestico & Redick are located in the state of Ohio. They are ready to legally represent you at any time. The Top 100 Trial Lawyers of America can be reached at 1-800-HURT-NOW.


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The Wise, Well-Rounded Views Of Carsten Thiel


Advancements in modern medicine over the past century have been directly responsible for raising the average human’s lifespan some 40 years. Although researchers and practitioners have made great strides in the world of medicine, something they do on a day-to-day basis, we haven’t got too far into the world of biotechnology yet.

According to Carsten Thiel, the Golden Age of Biotechnology is right in front of society. We’re effectively running into the soon-to-come era at full speed.

Carsten Thiel has a Ph.D and was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical company for clinical-stages that mainly develops gene and cell therapies for genetic diseases that are rare and life-threatening.

Biotechnology expert Carsten Thiel believes that the Golden Age of Biotechnology will help solve diseases that we don’t have great cures for, prevent them, and otherwise keep people healthier than they are right now.

Carsten believes that there are three primary drivers behind the many recent advancements in biotechnology.

The Human Genome Project initially took a whopping 13 years to sequence the human genome. Today, a human’s genome can be sequenced in no longer than two days. Further, it only costs a few hundred dollars. The cost of the Human Genome Project’s first sequencing was roughly $1 billion. See Related Link for more information.

Faster and cheaper biotech-related processes are helping us edge into the “Golden Age of Biotechnology”.

The second driver is that researchers and practitioners of medicine have access to more tools than ever before. For example, we now have antibody therapies available for widespread use.

Carsten Thiel’s third driver is that we understand the biology of our bodies better than ever before. Our advances in the world of cellular biology have been particularly important.




Dr. Tim Ioannides: Founder Of Treasure Coast Dermatology


Held in high esteem by members of his trade, Dr. Tim Ioannides is a medical professional of earnest sincerity and coveted ethics. Keen to hone his skills early on, Ioannides attended the University of Miami School of Medicine, subsequently earning his medical degree.


Soon after, Ioannides embarked on his residency and worked in the dermatology and surgery department at Jackson Memorial Hospital. An enlightening juncture, Ioannides realized his prowess as a practitioner during his postgraduate training. The last phase before plunging into pursuits of his own was to undergo an internship. Ioannides did just that at the University of Florida School of Medicine.


Ioannides internship brought with it some startling revelations. While working alongside a proficient cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tim Ioannides discovered that medical thinking seldom plays a role in cosmetic operations. According to Ioannides, the “medical side took a secondary stance.”


Notably distressed by this reality, Ioannides made the valiant decision to reinvent the proverbial wheel. Relying on his grit and savvy, Dr. Ioannides ventured out into the entrepreneurial unknown in hopes of creating an establishment that offered a “proactive approach to medical care.” In other words, Ioannides had aspirations of injecting medicine-based rationale into cosmetic surgeries. See This Page to learn more.


As a result, Treasure Coast Dermatology came to fruition. Based out of Florida, Treasure Coast Dermatology has numerous offices scattered throughout the Sunshine State. Dr. Ioannides is exceedingly proud of the progress his enterprise has made and the impact it’s had on patients.


In fact, Tim Ioannides is trademarked for his patient-oriented practices. Dr. Ioannides maintains that there’s seldom a connection between doctors and patients given today’s technology. In hopes of upholding the “human element” that’s vital during appointments, Ioannides foregoes electronic medical records. Though he’s caught some flak for his outdated methods, Dr. Ioannides appreciates the bond it’s created with his valued patients.


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