A Future That No One Could Predict

No one has the power to predict the future.


Tomorrow and the next few seconds are all up to chance. There are, however, investments you can make that build off existing realities and information you can extract. Finding your best bet is not about seeing exactly what the future has in store for you. Your best bet is the greatest option you have after analysis.


We bring attention to this concept because of the stunning performance of National Steel Car as led by Greg Aziz. This agency sets the standard for rail-car manufacturing in the United States and Canada. The agency leverages a giant brand and more business than any one person can handle. Greg bought National Steel Car on what felt like a sure bet.



Making Steel Out Of History


The foundation of Greg’s strategy is the power of steel. After the many years of industrial expansion that we’ve seen, steel continues to hold its place as the major compound of industrial development. This compound builds buildings, constructs automobiles, protects homes and becomes the cargo-cars of National Steel.


The agency produces a competitive line of railcars that work by the power locomotion and the strength of steel. Greg saw his investment in National Steel Car as an opportunity to revolutionize the placement of steel in the Northern territories. This vision becomes a reality that brings National Steel Car’s name well into the highest levels of corporate business.


The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade and recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


The Work-Day Of Gregory J. Aziz


The CEO, chairman and president of National Steel Car is Gregory J. Aziz. The brilliance this professional showed as a young man marked his destiny in the business world. He learned the business perspective and its cycles at an early age. Every entrepreneur has to learn about the difficulties of creative ideas and innovate solutions. See This Article for additional information.

Learning these lessons enabled Greg to be the perfect candidate who would expand what was thought of as peaked. The triumph of Greg led to National Steel Car controlling the business market in the Northern countries and earning more money for National Steel Car in the end. This is the legacy of one businessman that becomes the name of one amazing brand.


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Missouri’s old school style: Organization is vital to success according to Ronald Fowlkes

One of Ronald Fowlkes main characteristics is his straightforwardness. He’s an honest and direct person. He’s not the least bit pompous or eccentric. If you want bombastic advice on how to reach success in business, you’re definitely looking at the wrong guy. He likes to keep things simple, or “old-school” as he says and it has definitely worked wonders for him. He doesn’t use scheduling apps on his mobile phone or tablet. Instead, he prefers to keep a paper and pencil on hand to write down a daily to-do list and whatever he hasn’t been able to achieve in the current day, gets moved to the top of the next.


For him, high organizational skills are fundamental since his work day is not “your typical 9-5”. FirstSpear has a lot of international customers -especially NATO- so he gets to work quite early in the morning and maintains a strict routine to be as productive as he can and be able to deliver the quality job he needs to. He always starts his day on the phone with international customers, takes his children to school -he believes is really important to keep balance between personal and professional activities- and then goes to the office. His work starts by answering emails and messages from customers and coworkers. Then, he has a meeting with his team to sketch out product ideas and organize and delegate activities and responsibilities. After the meeting he supervises large orders in the production channel to guarantee they’re on schedule. He thinks of himself as a “creature of habit” so he constantly writes everything down on a small booklet or flash cards. He regularly makes lists to divide tasks into milestones and be aware of the tasks he’s completed or on schedule and the ones that are pending.


He believes in teamwork. For him, it is vital to surround yourself with a talented and trustworthy team you can delegate activities to and rely on constantly. Knowing who to entrust responsibilities to is fundamental to achieve success in the industry, especially for a person as busy like Ronald Fowlkes. Diversity of perspectives and intellectual humility –being able to recognize you don’t have all the right answers- enrich a team and help to maintain much better personnel driven organization.


Obsidian Energy Changes Strategy

The oil industry is changing quickly in Canada. New technology allows oil companies to drill in new areas. Obsidian Energy is one of the largest oil companies in Canada. Obsidian has made numerous investments in new technology over the past few years.


At one time, it looked like Obsidian Energy was going to go bankrupt. In the last crude oil crash, many oil companies did not make any profits for several years. Obsidian Energy did not have a significant cash reserve, and the company had to sell land to other companies.


A new CEO recently took over Obsidian Energy. Since she became CEO, the company has increased both sales and profits. Many people believe she is doing a great job.


New Business Opportunities


Obsidian Energy is a unique oil company for several reasons. The company also produces solar energy panels for people to use. Most oil companies do not offer alternative energy services. The leaders of Obsidian Energy see the potential for solar power in Canada. Many people in Canada are willing to pay more for clean energy.


Over the next few years, the leaders of Obsidian Energy want to expand the solar energy program. Solar power is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Get More Information Here.


New Oil Drilling


With new technology, Obsidian Energy can drill for oil in new locations around the world. Drilling for oil can be a long and challenging process. Companies experience fluctuations in both sales and profits in the oil industry.


Obsidian Energy’s oil fields are located in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves.


With the growth of the company, some people expect Obsidian Energy to buy another company in the future. Acquiring a smaller company is a proven strategy to generate profits in the oil industry. The leaders of Obsidian Energy are excited about the plans for both oil and solar energy.


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The Tycoon of the Year: Gregory Aziz

Only a handful of business tycoons come around in a lifetime, and many of us never really know they are here until they have passed on. Sure, we might hear about CEOs that are successful, but we rarely hear about the tycoons that have changed their industries. One of these tycoons that deserves recognition is Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory J. Aziz was born in Ontario and attended the University of Western Ontario, where he graduated with his degree in economics in 1971. After school, he was hired at his family’s food distribution company, Affiliated Foods, where he got his first taste of business. It soon became clear that Aziz had a knack for business and making strategic decisions. During his 16 years at the company, Greg Aziz singlehandedly brought in several new suppliers from South America and expanded distribution into the United States. Thanks to Aziz, Affiliated Foods became known across North America as one of the best distribution companies around. Just two decades before, Affiliated Foods was only known in Ontario.

Using this momentum, Aziz decided to become an investment banker and take a break from running a business for a while. After a few years, however, Aziz realized that business was where he belonged. Even though he had made a lucrative living in investment banking, it was not what he ultimately wanted to do. With his earnings from the past few years, Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994, where he installed himself as the CEO.

Once again, Greg Aziz was making excellent decisions for the company. National Steel Car hit a slump in the past several decades, and customers stopped purchasing railcars from this company because they were simply too low in quality to meet safety standards. Aziz revived the engineering department at the company and poured money into new capital projects to make the new designs a reality. He increased production capacity by nearly 300 percent and hired thousands of workers to help deal with this increased demand. Gregory Aziz also singlehanded went to railroads in the United States and created new and lucrative contracts, bringing National Steel Car’s business to an international level. Go To This Page for more information.


Now National Steel Car is one of the only rolling stock companies left in North America. It makes a profit every quarter, and it has earned quality awards for its production practices for the last 20 years. As long as Greg Aziz is at the helm of any business, his abilities as a leader will show through and the company will be sure to have a bright future.


Learn More: https://www.steelcar.com/Greg-Aziz-welcome

Dick DeVos and Airport Updates

Dick DeVos contacted AirTran Airways’ Chief Executive Officer out of the blue a few years back. His goal was to encourage him to take action regarding the airport located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This communication was a breakthrough for West Michigan and transportation. It essentially revolutionized air travel in the region. DeVos was able to get through to the executive rapidly. He had a lot of things going for him. DeVos’ family members were the owners of the NBA’s (National Basketball Association) Orlando Magic. This team’s games took place merely steps away from AirTran’s main office. DeVos got the company head to accept seeing him in person. This, in turn, was the factor that with time got him to travel to Grand Rapids. It was the factor that brought on the exciting choice to set up nonstop flight that originated in Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


Fortune came his way, too. Southwest purchased AirTran Airways not long after it started Grand Rapids service. DeVos’ aim shifted at that time. He at that point had to encourage the airline to stop by West Michigan in order to maintain its existing routes. These routes traveled straight to both Baltimore, Maryland and Orlando, Florida.


Southwest Airlines introduced direct flights that went to Denver, Colorado, Orlando, Florida, Baltimore, Maryland and St. Louis, Missouri during the summer of 2013. The airport in Grand Rapids experienced a steep passenger boost not long after that. This achievement brought on significant and substantial updates as well. These renovations are going to come to fruition sometime in 2018. Examples are enhanced security check-in and a host of brand new dining establishments, business facilities and restrooms.


DeVos is a man who deeply cares about Michigan. That’s why his reasoning for wanting the airport in Grand Rapids to do well is clear. He’s always been someone who battled it out for things that were important to him. He has a wife who thinks in the exact same way, too. Betsy DeVos is the name of his wife. Most people in the United States are familiar with Betsy with good reason. She now works as the United States education secretary. She works next to President Donald Trump on a regular basis. People frequently see her close to the President during all kinds of events and occasions.


People who have heard of DeVos are usually aware of his zeal for aviation. He’s had a love of air travel that’s been part of his existence for ages. He flies planes all by himself when he gets the opening, too. Aviation is something that pushes him all of the time. Philanthropy and politics are two other things that get DeVos moving and enthusiastic each morning. That’s why he made a charitable group with the assistance of his wife back in the late eighties. This widely known organization has made donations to all kinds of cultural, social and educational causes throughout the years. It continues to prioritize the well-being of society as a whole as well.


Visit http://dickdevos.com to learn more.

Obsidian Energy Ltd. Strive To Rise Again

Obsidian Energy Limited is an intermediate-sized Canadian Oil and natural gas producer. It is located in Calgary, Alberta. Today the company produces about 30,000 barrels daily, which is due to their high-quality assets, not to mention the company’s well-balanced portfolio.


Previously Obsidian Energy Limited was known as Penn West Petroleum Limited or rather Penn West Energy. The name was changed to Obsidian Energy Limited in 26th June 2017, after serious deliberations with the shareholders, who finally approved the change. This was to compliment the many important changes the company has been implementing since 2014, after the financial scandal that hit the company.


Since the founding of the company in 1979, the company has known an upward rise to a point that it was among the top largest companies in the stock exchange of Toronto. In 2008, Obsidian Energy has already gotten to a peak market capitalization, going for a net worth of $9.5 billion, approximately.


In 2013 and before, Penn West had over 2000 employees and a production of over 135,000 barrels in a single day.

The problem started when a fraud was discovered in the company in 2014. an accounting irregularity of $381 million in 2012 and 2013 was revealed by some preliminary findings. With the help of the US and Canadian regulators, investigations were carried, reviewing records of as far as 2007. this lead to a huge debt crisis of almost $3 billion, and a crash of commodity price.

Under the leadership of David French, the company’s CEO, since 2014, Obsidian has made remarkable progress, which has seen the company rose over the financial crisis to where it is today. Though the company had to cut down its employees to 400, and also stop paying dividends, it has almost gained its stability back. Obsidian has been able to settle its $3 billion debt, as it were at the end of 2013, remaining only with less than $384 million, which was achieved through the sale of the company’s assets. Click Here to learn more.


The now totally transformed oil producer has employed prudent hedging strategy, acquired the right assets, and a healthy balance sheet, all aimed to make the company achieve standard performance.


See: http://calgaryherald.com/business/energy/restructured-penn-west-proposes-name-change-to-obsidian-energy

Obsidian Energy: Building A Better Tomorrow Via Oil Production

Natural resources can be very hard to come by in most cases. These resources must be extracted from deep inside of the earth’s crust. Without natural resources, the world would literally come to a complete stop. There are numerous companies that specialize in this field of work, and one of the best is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Obsidian Energy has been around since 1979, and it has been delivering bottom-line results to the highest degree. This just so happens to be an intermediate-sized oil and gas production company. Though it may not be the absolute largest oil and gas company, it is very productive thanks to producing an estimated 31,000 bbl per day. Get Additional Information Here.


Obsidian Energy is actually headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, but its lush oil fields are located throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This sedimentary basin is also one of the biggest reserves of petroleum on earth. This company is very professional in its daily actions, and it retains its core values and principles. These principles just so happen to be:


  • To Build & To Protect Enterprise Value
  • Retain Accountable & Transparent Efforts
  • Staying Connected With All Parties & The Community


It would be very hard trying to find another oil and gas company that is as structurally sound as Obsidian Energy. Trying to succeed in this demanding field can be very tough. Obsidian is very passionate in its craft as well as being very disciplined. This company does things by the books to achieve its main objectives. Some of the biggest news that’s coming out of this industry is that this company has underwent a change of name. On June 26, 2017, Penn West changed its name to Obsidian Energy. It’s like getting a fresh start to some degree, but the best in oil production is yet to come.


See Also: https://www.obsidianenergy.com/

Dr. David Samadi: Expert in Robotic Surgery

At the age of fifteen, Dr. David Samadi had to leave his place of birth to seek refuge in a different country because of effects of the 1979 Iranian revolution. David and his younger brother left for Brussels and later London where most of the renowned prostate surgeon’s journey began. In 1983, he joined Rosylin High School in New York which had comprehensive programs that led to his Biochemistry degree from Stony Brook University. In 2000, David started training with a team of doctors and experts in cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. While at the cancer institute, Dr. David Samadi became a member of the American Urologic Association Society of Urologic Oncology. Modification of the robotic technique in 2007 was the first significant achievement in the surgeon’s professional life that exposed him to the whole world. Although he is an expert in all manner of cancer surgery and forms of treatment, David focuses on prostate surgery with a specific goal to help men of all ages to lead a quality life. Dr. David Samadi is renowned for being the only surgeon to integrate the SMART surgery technique and the robotic system. He performs an average of 15 prostate surgeries every week, these add up to more than 7000 surgeries in his practice. The extensive experience and success rate distinguish him among prostate surgeons around the world. Currently, he is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Dr. David Samadi’s day starts off at 4:30 AM. He stays in the office for one and a half hours before heading out to check on patients and day operations. According to the world-renowned physician, his evenings are unpredictable because he makes a point to check on all his patients before going home. David attributes the success of his projects to his photographic memory. He points out his operating room as one of his top creations. The surgeon’s priority on efficiency over speed has trickled down to his team of nurses and anesthesiologists. David proudly compares his team in an operating room to a plane with a pilot, copilot, and crew members.

The results-driven surgeon relates envy and jealousy to something worse than cancer. He avoids any form of negativity and only keeps trustworthy people around him. He also takes time to play tennis and deep breathing as a way of alleviating stress. Dr. David Samadi believes sticking to strict daily schedules helps to improve efficiency at work. Although he is a busy surgeon, his patients have full access to him at all hours.

Meet the Real Estate Mastermind: Hussain Sajwani

With the daily hustles of making ends meet and having to take more than two jobs, we are left with little or no time to build the home of our dreams. Lucky for the people of Dubai and the Middle East, the DAMAC Properties has taken over to ensure they get the homes they wish for or even better.


About DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties is the leading real estate company in residential provision. The company however also provides commercial properties like offices and conference rooms as well as hotels. The success of DAMAC Properties is attributed to the hard work, diligence, and passion of the owner, Hussain Sajwani.


Over the years, DAMAC has collaborated with other premium companies in real estate to bring the people more exciting adventures.


Besides the provision of quality homes and commercial properties, the expansion of DAMAC Properties has significantly improved the living standards of the occupants. This is through employment opportunities. Currently, the company has more than 2000 employees.



Hussain Sajwani Philanthropy Work

The DAMAC Owner is also proactive in the philanthropic activities in the community. Recently, he donated AED two million to an organization whose objectives is to provide two million needy children with clothing. His donations will help clothe 50000 children. In his speech, he said that children are the future of tomorrow and hence need to be given a conducive environment to grow.


What is the Relationship of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump?

When Donald Trump joined office, he said he wouldn’t be doing any personal business deals. However, Hussain Sajwani said he hoped that the business ties between him and Donald Trump would be tighter. Hussain Sajwani family shared New Year’s Eve dinner with Donald Trump, who even recognized his presence during his speech.


According to Hussain, this is not the only meal the two families have shared. He says they have a close relationship and their wives continually email each other.


The two are currently working to ensure that the Trumps International Golf Club becomes a success. Hussain Sajwani adds that it feels good when your business relationship is not just a cold relation but has great elements of friendship.


Visit http://www.hussainsajwani.com/ to learn more.

Reverse Showing Rooming, Lifestyle Quizzes and Kate Hudson are Effective Weapons Against Amazon

An internet retail giant like Amazon can quickly ruin any business. All an internet giant has to do is undersell its competition and they can quickly put them out of business. Many online retailers have fallen to the wayside because of Amazon. However, Fabletics is not one of them.


This company was created in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and the beautiful actress Kate Hudson. In case you didn’t know, the beautiful Kate Hudson is an Academy Award nominated actress. She played in the critically acclaimed film Almost Famous and received rave reviews.


Kate’s beautiful demeanor is not the only thing that makes her such a draw she is also a very smart woman. She joined the Fabletics team because she knew that it was a great brand. As the face of Fabletics she is helping the company to thrive and to be a great success. This is one advantage that Fabletics has over Amazon.


The gear at Fabletics is what really sells the merchandise. The clothing has been expertly designed by premiere fashion gurus (including Kate Hudson) who knows what makes a woman looks good. Fabletics creates ensembles that are sexy, colorful, form fitting and stylish. The gear is so perfect that it can even be worn in casual or semi-formal settings. Women can even take a lifestyle quiz to figure out what type of clothing would look best on them.


While a person would not sport Fabletics gear to a major event, it can be worn out on a date or to the club. Some Fabletics pieces are best designed for the gym but can be worn in a variety of different settings. Reverse showrooming is a technique that allows customers to try on the clothing they like and then have it stored away for a future purchase. This technique works, because clients generally return to the store to purchase the clothing they have selected. This process also helps Fabletics to stay ahead of Amazons financial might.


Fabletics will not outsell Amazon. However, they are holding their own in the market. This company has generated over $235 million in sales since it first opened. This is a good thing because Fabletics is proving that it can hang with a powerhouse performer like Amazon. Fabletics is clearly showing that it has what it takes to remain competitive with Amazon.