A “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Overview of an Interesting Book

Over the past few years a symbolic relationship has grown between celebrities and their penchant for writing and other hobbies. While there are many of them who have wonderfully and meaningfully taken these hobbies to a new level, some are doing their best in showing their hidden talents. A look at some of the interviews of celebrities, like Sean Penn, shows what it is like to make a transition from acting to a new gig.


Writing novels, although far less entrepreneurial today than four or five decades ago when there were many popular writers in the industry, is still a potentially lucrative business if it’s done by popular personnel. For average writers, it is like a high-wire act where there is no safety net below. Sean Penn as we all know is not your average writer. With many hit movies and shows all through his career, he has an impeccable record when it comes to money and fame. But the recent controversies have turned him away from the Hollywood industry, or so he says in his recent interview with Vogue. Looks like, he has got all the free time now that he is away from the acting business. His new novel titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a proof that Penn is still active in his life and taking new challenges as it comes.


Only in movie industry can you find such a blending of creative talents and self-interest, says Sean when asked. Undeterred by all the allegations that are surrounding him right now, he is all set to concentrate on one thing he has loved the most in his life – writing. And that fact is depicted in his novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, which is about a character leading a double life. Today Sean Penn is thinking more like a writer rather than an actor. The stakes are now so high that decision to write a few more books depends on how well his new novel will be received by the reading audience. So, where does he get the inspiration to write? Only Sean knows.





Professor Kamil Idris is a Sudanese who was a former diplomat, an international civil servant and the president of The International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM). He has previously served World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as the Director-General from 1997-2008. Professor Kamil had this to say: World intellectual property day which was launched 8years ago is becoming popular very fast as various governments and organizations are joining WIPO on 26th April for its annual celebration. A normal person would wonder why too much effort is being put into the intellectual property. Does it help solve big issues like global warming? Or perhaps it spices up life like watching the favorite performance at the Olympics? It all narrows down to a simple yes. If there were no intellectual property rights, then most technologies developed to solve global problems would never come to light, and all the unity that exists and the entertainment that results from sports would not be possibly broadcasted to people’s homes.


The whole point of world intellectual property day is to not only celebrate the creative minds but also the intellectual property rights that support the creativity making it an important driving force for developing socially, culturally and economically. The human inventiveness has made us advance from the first wheel to air travel and now the clean fuel technologies. It has moved humans from drawing on cave walls in the ancient days to print media and now the internet that makes the world look like a small village, accessible by anyone anywhere. Talking of technical advances, the human ingenuity has allowed higher soaring by pole-vaulters, further shooting by footballers and general well-being of millions of people.


WIPO is devoted to harness and spread human inventiveness and creativity by using intellectual property so as to benefit people from every community in every country. Therefore the World Intellectual Property Day is a day to pay homage to the artists, inventors and all other innovative and creative people who enrich the human existent. A day to remember that their intellectual property rights should be admired, protected and respected.




Gregory Aziz, A Giant In The Manufacturing Of Railroad Cars In North America

Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario, London on April 30, 1949, and he attended Ridley College. Gregory Aziz then went to study at the University of Western Ontario where he studied economics. After completing his studies, he joined his family in the business of commercial food in 1971. During this period when Gregory James Aziz worked with his family business, the company grew exponentially over the 16 years. The firm became a global importer of fresh foods from Central America, South America, and Europe.


The company also had an extensive network for distribution in the major markets of fresh commercial food in Eastern Canada and the United States. James Aziz also worked in the investment banking industry in the city of New York in late 1980s and the wake of 1990s. It was during this period when Gregory James Aziz was working in New York that he spearheaded the acquiring of National Steel Car from Dofasco in the year 1994.


1Gregory Aziz was determined to transform the company into a giant for manufacturing railroad freight cars in North America. Gregory Aziz worked on enhancing the engineering capabilities of National Steel Cars, the team building and investing in the human and capital aspects of the firm. National Steel Car experienced exponential growth with the new efforts put in by Greg Aziz. The manufacturing ability of the company increased from 3500 cars in a year when it was purchased in 1994 to 12000cars by the year 1999. See This Article for more information.


The number of employees in the firm also increased from 600 to over 3000 employees after the purchase. Today, National Steel Car is a leading manufacturer of railroad freight and tank car in the region of North America. Greg Aziz is the president, chairman and Chief Executive Officer for this giant manufacturer for freight cars situated in Hamilton, Ontario.

Gregory James Aziz has been the driving force for National Steel car and is proud to be associated with the success that the company has achieved.

Gregory James Aziz is also appreciative of the team of National Steel car having brought the company to an innovative, values-driven, flexible and diverse company. Today, National Steel Car is the only manufacturing and engineering company for railroad freight cars in North America and is ISO 900I:2008 certified. The organization has also been recognized for its quality products and was honored with the TTX SECO Award for Highest Quality since 1996. National Steel Car is also involved with community building efforts in the Hamilton community sponsoring local charities such as the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius and the United Way among others.


Gregory Aziz Runs National Steel Car Into the Future

The trains are still running. People have long since abandoned trains as their primary source of transportation, but resources haven’t. Whether it’s the coal that is powering your home or the wood that’s supplying you with toiletries, transportation of resources is important. Trains are still a foundation of transporting goods.

Outfitting trains, building steel compartments, navigating railway systems, all of these things are difficult. Add to this the transportation of dangerous things like flammable gasses, and you are in for a difficult and complex business. National Steel Car is one of the biggest companies that is involved in this challenging industry. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car has been working on trains since 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car.

The CEO of National Steel Car — Gregory James Aziz — is one man who is riding the tracks of transportation and pushing changes along with him. For the last 24 years, Gregory Aziz has been transforming National Steel Car into a world-leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company. If you use any flammable liquids, you can bet it was Greg Aziz’s company that was responsible for building safe and reliable transportation units.


With over 100 years of excellence and quality in their field, National Steel Car was already an established company when Gregory took the reins, but under his guidance, the company has fostered into a force in the industry. Greg Aziz took over when the company had just 500 employees and grew it into a 3,000-employee strong rolling stock empire. With over 12,500 railcars made every year, National Steel Car isn’t looking to slow down.


Since 2014, National Steel Car has hired more than 900 new employees, as well as made significant investments into their plants, which is important when you are responsible for the transit of everything from coal to explosive materials. These new employees weren’t just a necessity due to National Steel Cars booming business, they are also part of Greg Aziz’s plans for the future. National Steel Car is trying to lower their carbon footprint while increasing rail tank car safety. View Additional Info Here.


It’s expensive for large steel plants to reduce their environmental footprint and focus on increasing safety regulations, but National Steel Car thinks that it’s a worthwhile investment. Gregory thinks that a commitment to the environment, safety, and quality, will lead to lifelong satisfied customers. Gregory must be on to something, because National Steel Car is one of the last remaining rolling stock companies in Canada, and business is booming.


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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

In January of 2018, Amanda Morgan-Taylor officially took her position as the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Amanda has worked in the healthcare industry for over thirty years’ and in a variety of positions so she is well-prepared to take the lead. In 1984, Amanda started out working as a mental health nurse and then excelled to other positions of leadership roles such as Quality Development Director, Service Manager, and Managing Director. One of her biggest specialties is helping organizations to build trust with all their customer and stakeholders by enforcing the best care possible as well as establishing quality support systems. One of Amanda’s first duties as the new CEO was to visit each of Sussex Healthcare’s 20 locations. She took out the time to speak with members of the staff, the residents and their families as well as her colleagues.

Sussex Healthcare manages is primarily geared towards the elderly, those sho suffer with dementia, those with neurological needs and individuals who are dealing with learning disabilities. This independent nursing facility has over 580 beds and offers a wide range of services for people who live there. Within their 25 years of service the company has won multiple awards and their goal is to maintain the highest standards and deliver the highest quality service.

Most recently, the company announced that it is searching for new staff members. Staff members should expect to work with older people who need help with the most basic daily tasks such as meals, therapies, social activities, and medical care. Not only that, but this care is specialized.

Sussex Healthcare takes great pride in how well-cared for their care residents are. In 13 of its homes, Sussex provides specialized care for residents which includes special therapies and activities for those who are living with learning or physical disabilities. They participate in activities that are often very therapeutic such as cooking, crafts, and art therapy. This helps to ensure that the residents’ minds remain engaged. This goes a long ways towards improving their well-being. These therapies are usually centered around the individual– providing the right treatment at the perfect time and in just the right amounts.

Sussex has just added a stunning gym facility in order to ensure that each client maintains a healthy lifestyle. These facilities are also equipped with special gym equipment, pools, and hot tubs. This particular facility is located in Horsham and has several group-centered sessions for both residents and non-residents.

Visit sussexhealthcare.org for more details about Sussex Healthcare.

Bumble Creator Whitney Wolfe Amused With Match Groups Allegations Of Patent Infringement

Match Group recently announced that they have decided to sue Bumble for patent infringement. The lawsuit seems to come at a time when Bumble has stopped many attempts from Match Group from the buyout. It was reported that Match Group had tried to buy Bumble for $450 million last year while the company’s total value during that time was close to $1 billion.

Also one of Match Group’s services, Tinder, has a past with the CEO of Bumble Whitney Wolfe. She was co-creator of the app but was shown the door after her relationship with another co-founder did not last. After that, Whitney Wolfe went on to create Bumble on her own. The company today has more than $30 million users, and since the company is just four years old, the company has been growing much faster than it was predicted before.

On March 16th Match Group went to court and alleged that Bumble had copied some of its designs. The company has mentioned the swiping feature and has said that there is a striking similarity between the characteristics of both the apps. The copy allegations are quite strange since Tinder has copied one of Bumble’s most striking features of ‘Ladies First’. It was Bumble that allowed the women to make the first move on their dating app. If they do not send any message to their matches, the matches are deleted and lost forever. Whitney Wolfe is not too worried about the lawsuit as it is just another tactic to bully them. She said that the company would respond to the allegations in court and is confident that they will come out victorious. Their first move, however, was to make it clear to Match Group that they would not take the threats and bullying of their executives lightly by giving out a letter type ad on multiple newspapers.

Bumble is the first dating app to hold its customers accountable for their interactions with other users. It has a stringent policy against rude and bullying behavior, and anyone caught doing so are blocked from the app. In 2016, Whitney Wolfe extended its Bumble family by launching Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. While Bumble Bizz was a networking app for women looking to advance in their career and find better jobs, Bumble BFF allowed people to find friends in a new city. Whitney Wolfe recently walked down the aisle and married Michael Herd who she has been seeing since 2013.

Are There Different Types of Inflation? US Money Reserve Explains

There are many reasons for prices going up. Some are due to weather catastrophes, supply chain issues or higher input costs. Are there different types of inflation?


When your prices go up, this is usually just called inflation. The economists will also break inflation down into smaller parts, each with a more specific appellation. Learn about the different types of inflation from the US Money Reserve.


Core Inflation


For most people, inflation is simply how much more they spend on their grocery bill compared to last year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has created something called the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is a basket of goods, which best represents what the average American spends, each month.


The term, “Headline Inflation” is the “raw inflation figure,” according to Investopedia. This includes food and fuel. Economists will use this to gauge the overall impact of inflation on American pocket books.


Inflation figures have been kept for years and economists want to be able to compare the statistics with one another, over time. Therefore, economists have tried to remove extraneous factors that might cause dramatic rises or falls in the inflation number. Therefore, they created another statistic, called “Core Inflation,” which has energy and food removed.


Food and energy prices are much more volatile than other goods. Of course, consumers still need to buy food and energy, so they might experience more dramatic price changes than the government records.


Price Inflation


The term, “Price Inflation” is what you experience at the store and will be measured over a period of time. There is another element to inflation that is hidden, but the government will secretly admit. That is the supply of money.


The ideal economy will create money reflecting its productivity, each year. Unfortunately, the US economy does not work that way. Especially since 2008, the Federal Reserve has been printing more money, calling it “Quantitative Easing.”


Quantitative refers to “great amounts” and Easing is a “way to make something better.” What exactly is the Fed making better? The very fact that it uses this term suggests that it is trying to fix something by printing large amounts of fiat currency.


Precious Metal Inflation Hedge


There are different camps in economics and some believe that inflation is partially caused by governments printing money. By the US governments own admission, they are increasing the money supply. If they increase it by more than productivity increases, then that could cause inflation.


So, what can you do to protect yourself against these price increases? The US Money Reserve sells precious metals as a hedge against inflation. As the Fed prints more money, it should also lead to the increase in the price of gold and silver.


When you hear about inflation, you might want to investigate into the exact cause. Different types of inflation are caused by different factors. This helps you properly adjust your budget. You can also adjust your wealth portfolio by purchasing US Money Reserve gold – the inflation hedge.


A Future That No One Could Predict

No one has the power to predict the future.


Tomorrow and the next few seconds are all up to chance. There are, however, investments you can make that build off existing realities and information you can extract. Finding your best bet is not about seeing exactly what the future has in store for you. Your best bet is the greatest option you have after analysis.


We bring attention to this concept because of the stunning performance of National Steel Car as led by Greg Aziz. This agency sets the standard for rail-car manufacturing in the United States and Canada. The agency leverages a giant brand and more business than any one person can handle. Greg bought National Steel Car on what felt like a sure bet.



Making Steel Out Of History


The foundation of Greg’s strategy is the power of steel. After the many years of industrial expansion that we’ve seen, steel continues to hold its place as the major compound of industrial development. This compound builds buildings, constructs automobiles, protects homes and becomes the cargo-cars of National Steel.


The agency produces a competitive line of railcars that work by the power locomotion and the strength of steel. Greg saw his investment in National Steel Car as an opportunity to revolutionize the placement of steel in the Northern territories. This vision becomes a reality that brings National Steel Car’s name well into the highest levels of corporate business.


The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade and recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


The Work-Day Of Gregory J. Aziz


The CEO, chairman and president of National Steel Car is Gregory J. Aziz. The brilliance this professional showed as a young man marked his destiny in the business world. He learned the business perspective and its cycles at an early age. Every entrepreneur has to learn about the difficulties of creative ideas and innovate solutions. See This Article for additional information.

Learning these lessons enabled Greg to be the perfect candidate who would expand what was thought of as peaked. The triumph of Greg led to National Steel Car controlling the business market in the Northern countries and earning more money for National Steel Car in the end. This is the legacy of one businessman that becomes the name of one amazing brand.


Read More: https://www.steelcar.com/

Missouri’s old school style: Organization is vital to success according to Ronald Fowlkes

One of Ronald Fowlkes main characteristics is his straightforwardness. He’s an honest and direct person. He’s not the least bit pompous or eccentric. If you want bombastic advice on how to reach success in business, you’re definitely looking at the wrong guy. He likes to keep things simple, or “old-school” as he says and it has definitely worked wonders for him. He doesn’t use scheduling apps on his mobile phone or tablet. Instead, he prefers to keep a paper and pencil on hand to write down a daily to-do list and whatever he hasn’t been able to achieve in the current day, gets moved to the top of the next.


For him, high organizational skills are fundamental since his work day is not “your typical 9-5”. FirstSpear has a lot of international customers -especially NATO- so he gets to work quite early in the morning and maintains a strict routine to be as productive as he can and be able to deliver the quality job he needs to. He always starts his day on the phone with international customers, takes his children to school -he believes is really important to keep balance between personal and professional activities- and then goes to the office. His work starts by answering emails and messages from customers and coworkers. Then, he has a meeting with his team to sketch out product ideas and organize and delegate activities and responsibilities. After the meeting he supervises large orders in the production channel to guarantee they’re on schedule. He thinks of himself as a “creature of habit” so he constantly writes everything down on a small booklet or flash cards. He regularly makes lists to divide tasks into milestones and be aware of the tasks he’s completed or on schedule and the ones that are pending.


He believes in teamwork. For him, it is vital to surround yourself with a talented and trustworthy team you can delegate activities to and rely on constantly. Knowing who to entrust responsibilities to is fundamental to achieve success in the industry, especially for a person as busy like Ronald Fowlkes. Diversity of perspectives and intellectual humility –being able to recognize you don’t have all the right answers- enrich a team and help to maintain much better personnel driven organization.


Obsidian Energy Changes Strategy

The oil industry is changing quickly in Canada. New technology allows oil companies to drill in new areas. Obsidian Energy is one of the largest oil companies in Canada. Obsidian has made numerous investments in new technology over the past few years.


At one time, it looked like Obsidian Energy was going to go bankrupt. In the last crude oil crash, many oil companies did not make any profits for several years. Obsidian Energy did not have a significant cash reserve, and the company had to sell land to other companies.


A new CEO recently took over Obsidian Energy. Since she became CEO, the company has increased both sales and profits. Many people believe she is doing a great job.


New Business Opportunities


Obsidian Energy is a unique oil company for several reasons. The company also produces solar energy panels for people to use. Most oil companies do not offer alternative energy services. The leaders of Obsidian Energy see the potential for solar power in Canada. Many people in Canada are willing to pay more for clean energy.


Over the next few years, the leaders of Obsidian Energy want to expand the solar energy program. Solar power is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Get More Information Here.


New Oil Drilling


With new technology, Obsidian Energy can drill for oil in new locations around the world. Drilling for oil can be a long and challenging process. Companies experience fluctuations in both sales and profits in the oil industry.


Obsidian Energy’s oil fields are located in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves.


With the growth of the company, some people expect Obsidian Energy to buy another company in the future. Acquiring a smaller company is a proven strategy to generate profits in the oil industry. The leaders of Obsidian Energy are excited about the plans for both oil and solar energy.


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