IDLife and Useful Wellness Products

     IDLife is a firm that puts its attention on all kinds of wellness and health matters. It’s known for its many options in individualized dietary supplements. People who want access to all kinds of nutrition products regularly go for IDLife’s plentiful offerings. Logan Stout is IDLife’s current Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His leadership colleagues include Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Joe O’Connor and General Counsel Mark Bennett. Bennett also functions as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). IDLife is a distinguished network marketing division that concentrates on individuals and individuals alone. The people who represent IDLife come up with plans for individuals by assessing certain components. They evaluate components such as medication use, medical backgrounds, physical matters, overall lifestyles, eating habits and even personal factors.

IDLife provides its customer base with many choices in products. These products serve all kinds of purposes and applications, too. IDLife Sleep, first and foremost, is a sleep aid that has a pleasant taste that’s reminiscent of classic mint. It’s a strip product that sits on users’ tongues. It encourages people to enjoy rest that’s soothing and strong. IDLife Skin Care can come in handy for individuals who want to keep indications of the aging process at bay. People who have concerns that involve the development of fine lines, sagging and wrinkles often opt to use IDLife Skin Care.

IDLife caters to people who want to handle their weights. It accommodates individuals who wish to lose weight the optimal way. It has an Appetite Control product that is a supplement that people can chew. People can consume these supplements when they wish to do away with the intense desire to eat. ID Nutrition is a well-known product that gives people access to formulas that are 100 percent individualized. The IDLife team creates these formulas by evaluating HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) matters. The formulas include any and all components that can aid people who want to attain glowing wellness.

Fans of shakes can in many situations get behind IDLife’s varied offerings as well. IDLife Shake revolves around whey protein. It’s a product that’s chock-full of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. It’s chock-full of fiber as well. The objective behind IDLife Shake is to enhance the loss of weight. It’s also to enhance recovery, the movement of joints and even muscle power. IDLife products can often assist people who want to experience markedly higher levels of liveliness and energy.

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GreenSky Credit, the Consumer’s Loan Solution

This is a company situated in The United States of America. The company offers all consumers loan brokerage services through an online platform. GreenSky credit operates by a third party service provider. It also acts as a program administrator for all banks that are federal and legally insured. The company deals with those chartered banks that offer loans to consumers. GreenSky Credit’s main aim is to assist all businesses to give credit to their consumers. The company provides revolving products and instalment loans that suit both the high and low end of the market. Moreover, the company offers credit program retailers and all elective medical suppliers. Currently, the firm works with over 17,000 retailers.

GreenSky credit serves all large, medium and small businesses and their consumers through a retailer network in the US. The organization is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded by David Zalik. At the time of its founding, Zalik was very young. Zalik is also the CEO of the corporate. The company has served many consumers making the process that was previously hectic to apply for loans, cheap and convenient. The customers no longer have to be involved with filling bunches of information on bank papers.

With only a driving license GreenSky credit can scan and retrieve crucial information to be used in accessing a loan. This partnership between various banks and GreenSky credit has indeed hastened the process, leaving the consumers free to attend to other issues that matter.

Zalik, the founder of the company at the age of 42, has been so successful. All entrepreneurs with the intention of starting a business should be enlightened and sure of what they are getting themselves into. Setting up a business is a journey that requires patience and perseverance. For example, Zalik began his business at the age of 14 years.

He developed his company for eight years before he started becoming successful. It’s also crucial that an entrepreneur gets a mentor. However, mentors are not the determiners of whether an entrepreneur will be successful. Your wisdom and knowledge are very vital to your growth. Also, identify all your strengths and weaknesses so that you can venture into your business comfortably.

Adam Milstein: The Need For Good Jewish Leaders

Adam Milstein is an excellent example of how one person can make a positive difference. He is a successful real estate broker and a philanthropist. He even founded a self-titled foundation to help give the Jewish community access to better healthcare services. His constant work for the Israel and Jewish communities are part of his overall purpose. Adam Milstein is also a Pro-Israel Activist. Being born and raised in Israel, he knows first-hand about the oppression of innocent Jews. Adam is also good at expressing his feelings in articles on platforms such as the Times of Israel. One piece in particular, “Diaspora Jews Will Rise to Meet Our Challenges with Israel in Our Hearts,” is an interesting article. It calls for the need of good leadership for positive changes. There are many efforts that seek to overthrow the State of Israel. Israel is the historic home place of many Jews. Adam is against these efforts and believes that good leaders that will execute action are the only solution.

Adam Milstein discusses how he continually encounters the next generation of leaders through is philanthropy work. A lot of people that share the same passion for keeping Israel alive are innovative and hard working. What Milstein believes is that they need support to strengthen their courage to execute the action that will make a positive difference and keep Israel alive. The truth is that being a leader is a lot harder than it seems. Leaders who fight against things like bigotry, racism, and hatred will undoubtedly face isolation. They will face ridicule and the need to make difficult decisions. One example of this that Adam Milstein discusses is Jabotinsky. He was a leader that was condemned for attempting to create a separate Jewish Nation. Though this instance had an unfortunate result, it is still important that people invest in current and future leaders. They hold the power of positive change. The purpose is to make each generation stronger than the one that was before it. If Radical Muslims can so easily accomplish this than Jewish leaders have the power to do that and a lot more.

Paul Herdsman’s Insight Into Entrepreneurship

Strategizing to come up with a lucrative business may seem simple and straightforward, but the truth it involves some fundamental principles that need a thorough understanding as outlined by businessman Paul Herdsman. These guidelines described below can help an uprising entrepreneur build a multinational empire.


The primary guide to any entrepreneur has a positive attitude. The entrepreneur; Paul Herdsman, puts a lot of emphasis on having a positive attitude as the source of problem solving and momentum in the business. The ideal way to improve business attitude is by appreciating every good thing that happens around you.


The other tricky thing about business is the uncertainty. As an entrepreneur, you must be willing to take risks. However, taking risk involves gathering the right information to be able to hustle through the hard times. The good thing about the willingness to take risks is, you are doing what you love. The energy, time and risk involved require that you have the passion for the business. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


But with all that in mind, a good entrepreneur should have a clear understanding of what the business needs. Visions help the entrepreneur to outline the objectives and mission in a more organized way. With a bright idea, the weaknesses and strengths of the business are thoroughly addressed, giving the entrepreneur more chances of success.

As a successful entrepreneur, Paul Herdsman instills more value in teamwork as the driver for more productive business. Having the right team which is united by a common goal increases the output much more than riding solo. The team member should have competent skills that match with the needs of the entrepreneur.


There are two troubling things that all aspiring entrepreneur should learn to manage; first, there are no shortcuts and second learn from the mistakes. According to Paul Herdsman, a businessperson should outline the course of action without compromising the integrity of the business. However, even with a good plan, mistakes do happen. A good entrepreneur should take the lessons from the mistakes to strengthen the company.


But the underlying goal of a business is to ensure that all customers are satisfied beyond their expectations. A good entrepreneur should know their customers and what is their expectations. In this relationship, a solid pact should be established in service delivery and consumer satisfaction. View Additional Info Here.


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Greg Aziz Leads The Steel Car Industry

1Gregory James Aziz has taken over the steel car production industry. After attending Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario, he joined the family business in 1971, Affiliated Foods, which became a worldwide importer of fresh food. He then purchased National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco, with a vision to turn the 600-employee company into an industry giant.


His first order of business for the floundering company was to shift the focus to quality, knowing that customers will gravitate to a high-quality product. He changed policies and retrained the staff, setting the wheels in motion to become the best of the best.


With quality mastered and the TTX SECO award to prove it, Gregory J Aziz turned his sights to the production side of the business. He increased the staff to nearly 3000 and brought their steel car production from 3,500 to 12,000 annually within five years of taking over the company.


National Steel Car is now leading the industry with their manufacturing and engineering excellence, demonstrated by their ISO 9001:2008 certification which they have held for almost twenty years.


Always striving to make a difference at work and in the community, in June of 2015 the steel car production company was recognized by Horizon Utilities for installing a 350-horsepower trim compressor that dramatically reduces their energy usage with its variable speed drive and automatic adjustments. This change saves 2,192,400 kWh annually because the compressors shut down when demand is low, producing higher efficiency system wide. Rebates earned through the energy saving program are being put towards more state-of-the-art equipment for National Steel Car. For more than a decade NSC has spent over $350 million to automate the plant and use advance technologies in manufacturing.


In that same year, NSC also acquired a new contract with the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. The order was for 1000 custom built rail cars designed specifically for potash (a fertilizer ingredient), considering it’s weight and density into the plans. NSC has provided Canpotex Limited more than 5,000 rail cars with a similar design.


Not only a savvy businessman, Gregory J. Aziz is also an active philanthropist, using his company to sponsor many programs, agencies, and numerous other charities. Each year National Steel Car hosts a major food drive at their Christmas party, with contributions being given to local area food pantries.

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Dr. Jacob Gottlieb Is An Accomplished Physician and Investor

The story of Jacob Gottlieb is one worth telling, because not only is he successful in the investing industry, he is a medical doctor as well. Even more importantly, Jacob Gottlieb is dedicated to giving back to the community and regularly donates to organizations around the country that help improve the community at large. Organizations like Robin Hood and Math for America are a couple of the foundations Jacob has personally contributed to a high degree over the years. Robin Hood works to end poverty throughout New York and Math for America is working to improve math and science learning in classrooms around the country.


Jacob Gottlieb is an accomplished investor these days, but he was originally a medical doctor coming out of college, after earning his medical degree. One of the reasons Jacob got into the medical field first is because he wanted a high-profile job like his parents as well as a challenging job. It wasn’t until later that he realized medicine just wasn’t that great of a fit compared to investing, which Jacob had previously enjoyed when he was younger. Jacob even won a contest in high school for picking successful stocks much more accurately than any of the other students.

Jacob has had a few successful companies over the years, climbing the investment ladder through various corporations. Today, he is the CEO and founder of Visium Asset Management, where he also maintains a position as managing partner. This successful hedge fund is responsible for more than 8 million dollars in assets and has allowed Jacob Gottlieb to achieve the level of success he has always wanted. Not only that, but it has allowed him to fuel his passion for philanthropy as well. Jacob says he is grateful for his time as a doctor as it taught him many valuable lessons that improved the quality of his work over the years and allowed him to successfully pursue his true passion, investing.


Sameer Jejurikar Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust With Eyes Closed

Plastic surgeries have become more common in the past few years than ever before, and more and more people are going for it. One of the reasons why many people are opting to go for plastic surgeries is because the modern plastic surgical procedures are much safer, and the availability of expert and qualified plastic surgeons. In Dallas, TX, one of the leading plastic surgeons who has made a name for himself in the community is Sameer Jejurikar. He has performed a wide range of plastic surgical procedures on his patients successfully over the years, and the positive review he has received from his clients speaks for itself.


Sameer Jejurikar is one of the prominent board-certified plastic surgeons in Dallas who is also the member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Sameer Jejurikar performs a wide range of plastic surgical procedures, which includes liposuction, Brazilian butt lift surgery, breast augmentation, nose lift, facelift, Botox, and more. Sam Jejurikar is known to be a caring and patient doctor who listens carefully to what the patients expect from the surgery to ensure that the exact results are achieved. It is this patience and perseverance he shows with all his patients and that has helped him become one of the top plastic surgeons in Dallas.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was also chosen to be awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certification, which signifies his passion for helping the patients overcome their physical and psychological issues. In Dallas, Sameer Jejurikar is associated with Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. With over two decades of experience backing him along with multiple awards that he has bagged over the years, Sameer Jejurikar is one of the most trusted plastic surgeons in Dallas. He has received his medical education from the University of Michigan Medical Center. Sam Jejurikar continues practices in Dallas and is available for appointment.



Professional Pipe Receives Advice From Madison Street Capital On Its Recapitalization

Madison Street Capital advised Professional Pipe Inc, or PPI for short, in regards to its recapitalization of KJM Capital, which is owned by PPI. PPI is in the business of installing process piping to some of the biggest poultry processors in the country, as well as other manufacturing facilities.


The CEO of Madison, Charles Botchway, spoke about the transaction a few weeks ago. However, the terms of the transaction wasn’t discussed. The president of PPI is John Tyson and he said he was grateful for Madison’s advice, as well as the counsel/advice of Jay Rodgers.


KJM Capital’s Kenneth Meister also spoke about the transaction, saying that they were pleased to work alongside the PPI team. He added that they looked forward to continue PPI’s success with providing quality services and products to the industries it serves.


More Info About Madison Street Capital

As a leading investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital serves clients from around the world. The company has expertise in corporate advisory, business valuation and valuation for financial reporting. Other areas of expertise includes financial opinions, asset management that is industry focus, as well as wealth preservation and tax planning.


Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment banks in the world. In fact, they’re one of the fastest growing ones and as a result they have received various awards. In the last three years, the company has received seven awards, as well as one honoree and they were a finalist in another industry-related category at an awards show back in 2016.


The investment banking firm has offices located in Asia, North America and Africa. They also have a website, which is where you can learn more about their services and how they can help you. Alternatively, you can contact their nearest office to you and ask them any questions you may have.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Know Why Bruno Fagali Has Become a Sought-After Attorney in Brazil

It is one thing to be an attorney, and it is another thing to be an attorney that people are always looking for. While there are some attorneys who have a huge list of appointments, there are others who struggle to get a single client. If you want to see what it means to be a sought-after attorney, just meet or visit Bruno Fagali. He is a Brazilian attorney who met his career on the right side of the shore. Many people seek his legal services because he has managed to have immense knowledge and experience in Brazilian law. When people realize you have adequate and reliable experience in your profession, they will build trust with you.

Bruno has been in the legal practice for about 20 years now. He has done all he could to make his clients believe in his expertise. For the past few decades, Bruno is in the record for not losing any case in court. It is not something that every other attorney in Brazil has managed to do. Urban and compliance law is what Bruno has specialized in for two decades now. For this reason, many businesses and companies know that they would get valuable services from him irrespective of the nature of the legal matter.

When most people are starting something from the scratch, they don’t always have the glorious picture in mind. At a time when Bruno was starting Fagali Advocacy Law Firm, he never thought it would be this successful. All he had was a passion to make the world a better place for all individuals looking for independent and quality business solutions. With this in mind, Bruno was always careful to ensure his company was updated whenever there was any slight change in the management law. If it were not for Bruno, most major corporations and businesses in Brazil would have conflicted a lot with the Brazilian law.

Bruno has been a trusted, reliable, and competent legal counsel for various companies. He has also helped many businesses to cultivate new relations on matters of press conference management. Over 12 companies in Brazil, as well as, in other countries depend on Bruno Fagali, especially on tax compliance issues. He is the Integrity Manager for one of the largest banking investment institutions in Brazil known as Nova Company.


A “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Overview of an Interesting Book

Over the past few years a symbolic relationship has grown between celebrities and their penchant for writing and other hobbies. While there are many of them who have wonderfully and meaningfully taken these hobbies to a new level, some are doing their best in showing their hidden talents. A look at some of the interviews of celebrities, like Sean Penn, shows what it is like to make a transition from acting to a new gig.


Writing novels, although far less entrepreneurial today than four or five decades ago when there were many popular writers in the industry, is still a potentially lucrative business if it’s done by popular personnel. For average writers, it is like a high-wire act where there is no safety net below. Sean Penn as we all know is not your average writer. With many hit movies and shows all through his career, he has an impeccable record when it comes to money and fame. But the recent controversies have turned him away from the Hollywood industry, or so he says in his recent interview with Vogue. Looks like, he has got all the free time now that he is away from the acting business. His new novel titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a proof that Penn is still active in his life and taking new challenges as it comes.


Only in movie industry can you find such a blending of creative talents and self-interest, says Sean when asked. Undeterred by all the allegations that are surrounding him right now, he is all set to concentrate on one thing he has loved the most in his life – writing. And that fact is depicted in his novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, which is about a character leading a double life. Today Sean Penn is thinking more like a writer rather than an actor. The stakes are now so high that decision to write a few more books depends on how well his new novel will be received by the reading audience. So, where does he get the inspiration to write? Only Sean knows.