Reverse Showing Rooming, Lifestyle Quizzes and Kate Hudson are Effective Weapons Against Amazon

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An internet retail giant like Amazon can quickly ruin any business. All an internet giant has to do is undersell its competition and they can quickly put them out of business. Many online retailers have fallen to the wayside because of Amazon. However, Fabletics is not one of them.


This company was created in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and the beautiful actress Kate Hudson. In case you didn’t know, the beautiful Kate Hudson is an Academy Award nominated actress. She played in the critically acclaimed film Almost Famous and received rave reviews.


Kate’s beautiful demeanor is not the only thing that makes her such a draw she is also a very smart woman. She joined the Fabletics team because she knew that it was a great brand. As the face of Fabletics she is helping the company to thrive and to be a great success. This is one advantage that Fabletics has over Amazon.


The gear at Fabletics is what really sells the merchandise. The clothing has been expertly designed by premiere fashion gurus (including Kate Hudson) who knows what makes a woman looks good. Fabletics creates ensembles that are sexy, colorful, form fitting and stylish. The gear is so perfect that it can even be worn in casual or semi-formal settings. Women can even take a lifestyle quiz to figure out what type of clothing would look best on them.


While a person would not sport Fabletics gear to a major event, it can be worn out on a date or to the club. Some Fabletics pieces are best designed for the gym but can be worn in a variety of different settings. Reverse showrooming is a technique that allows customers to try on the clothing they like and then have it stored away for a future purchase. This technique works, because clients generally return to the store to purchase the clothing they have selected. This process also helps Fabletics to stay ahead of Amazons financial might.


Fabletics will not outsell Amazon. However, they are holding their own in the market. This company has generated over $235 million in sales since it first opened. This is a good thing because Fabletics is proving that it can hang with a powerhouse performer like Amazon. Fabletics is clearly showing that it has what it takes to remain competitive with Amazon.