Steve Lesnard Talks about How Brands can Reach Out to Its Customers Effectively

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Steve Lesnard is one of the top consultants of global brands and has helped numerous brands reach their full potential. He had always loved sports and wanted to transform his passion into his career choice. After his graduation, he went to a business school in Paris to get an MBA degree and even received a scholarship for the same. After that, he worked at many different advertising agencies and working on some of the top brands around the world. One of the first projects that he worked on was Kelloggs, and during that project, he was able to combine his love for sports with the aim of the company.

Steve Lesnard has since then worked in the sports industry and has elite athletes as his customers. He traveled for years to different countries and experienced many different cultures around the world. He believes that sports are a language that everyone understands and it is the reason why he was able to provide his customers with the excellent brand experience. One of the ways he comes up with new ideas is by speaking to his team members as ideas can come anywhere at any time. In the age of digital mediums, it is important for brand consultants to use it to their advantage. According to Steve Lesnard, there are basically two principles that have to be followed for brand consultants to introduce new products into the market. It is not always easy to introduce a new product, but there are some strategies that can be used for effective communication.

One of the key principles is to keep the communication simple, but one has to make it memorable. The brand needs to be able to tell its story without making it complicated. Another way is to bring the product to life and make the experience for the customers real. Using videos allow customers to know what the product does, how they can use the product and what are the benefits that they can get by using it. One has to invest in excellent video quality to ensure that the customers enjoy watching the videos and are inspired by it.

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