Steve Lesnard’s Career In Sports

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Steve Lesnard studied business in France where he dwelled on business. During this period he was active in sports and maintained a high connection to sports, and he becomes the president of the sports club where he was in charge of organizing all sports activities and events. He later joined Babson College in the United States for his master degree in Business and Entrepreneurship

After completion of his studies, Steve Lesnard worked in the Wolford brand in New York City a luxury fashion brand. As a company marketing director, he led initiatives that were aimed at opening retail stores and establishing company brands across North America. The job was however for a short period since after working for one year he shifted to the sports industry.

Steve Lesnard demonstrated a high-level profile on global brands; he builds powerful strategic partnerships in sports, technology as well as lifestyle, launched unique products, for the most significant athletic brands. As a worldwide leader, during his period of leadership reflects his passion for sports and his respect for the playground. He has worked with the most significant athletic brands across the world in various roles, such as general manager positions and global vice president of multiple sports companies.

Steve started his career more two decades in this brand of global sports and footwear marketing manager. He signed and serviced the Canadian and American snowboard members for the 1998 Olympics in winter. His several years of experience have given him an insight of changing the consumer landscape, how to conduct his roles, such as data and technology and how to continue pushing the boundaries for the growth of brands.

Steve later ventured to the development of different projects that he believed were the critical experience to his general growth. Therefore he went on to develop products for elite and everyday athletes, and this was a great learning experience on bringing a concept to reality product for the benefit of consumers. Finally, this led him to a brand career that enabled him to work on different areas in sports.

Overall, the experience of Steve Lesnard in sports industry was formative and influential in his life and was also inspiring in bringing the power of sports in the limelight of other people’s lives


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