Stock options are losing. Why? Jeremy Goldstein has the answer

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Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in the United States. He is a compensation lawyer who has been helping cooperates come up with measures that will see them develop compensations plans that will not hurt the financial aspect of a business. Jeremy is based in New York. He is the founder of a law firm known as Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates. His main role has been to advice to advise corporates on the measures that they should take when dealing with compensation plans for employees. With stock options becoming less popular, there has to be an alternative that must be developed to deal with the issue.



Why are the stock options losing as a form of workers compensation? As per lawyer Jeremy Goldstein, there are three reasons that have made them less’s appealing. One, they affect the financial status of a company. If the stock value falls extremely, workers will not be able to execute their options. The businesses they work for will, however, incur losses as it will have to cater for the expenses in such a scenario. Two, many workers have seen these stock option as worthless since their value fluctuates a lot. As markets fluctuate they also gain or loss. In a time where there has been a major economic depression in the world, their values can be suppressed greatly. Finally, according to Jeremy Goldstein stock options pose a lot of accounting challenges that make the advantages that they offer worthless. It is better to survive without them. They only advantage they have according to Jeremy Goldstein in that they can make the workers in a business work harder so that they can earn a better compensation.




Jeremy Goldstein has extensive knowledge of corporate and compensation law. He has worked for huge organization where he has offered his expertise. Through his law firm, his advice has been valuable. The law firm he has was founded in 2014.


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