Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

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In January of 2018, Amanda Morgan-Taylor officially took her position as the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Amanda has worked in the healthcare industry for over thirty years’ and in a variety of positions so she is well-prepared to take the lead. In 1984, Amanda started out working as a mental health nurse and then excelled to other positions of leadership roles such as Quality Development Director, Service Manager, and Managing Director. One of her biggest specialties is helping organizations to build trust with all their customer and stakeholders by enforcing the best care possible as well as establishing quality support systems. One of Amanda’s first duties as the new CEO was to visit each of Sussex Healthcare’s 20 locations. She took out the time to speak with members of the staff, the residents and their families as well as her colleagues.

Sussex Healthcare manages is primarily geared towards the elderly, those sho suffer with dementia, those with neurological needs and individuals who are dealing with learning disabilities. This independent nursing facility has over 580 beds and offers a wide range of services for people who live there. Within their 25 years of service the company has won multiple awards and their goal is to maintain the highest standards and deliver the highest quality service.

Most recently, the company announced that it is searching for new staff members. Staff members should expect to work with older people who need help with the most basic daily tasks such as meals, therapies, social activities, and medical care. Not only that, but this care is specialized.

Sussex Healthcare takes great pride in how well-cared for their care residents are. In 13 of its homes, Sussex provides specialized care for residents which includes special therapies and activities for those who are living with learning or physical disabilities. They participate in activities that are often very therapeutic such as cooking, crafts, and art therapy. This helps to ensure that the residents’ minds remain engaged. This goes a long ways towards improving their well-being. These therapies are usually centered around the individual– providing the right treatment at the perfect time and in just the right amounts.

Sussex has just added a stunning gym facility in order to ensure that each client maintains a healthy lifestyle. These facilities are also equipped with special gym equipment, pools, and hot tubs. This particular facility is located in Horsham and has several group-centered sessions for both residents and non-residents.

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