Vertucci Part-time Poker Sucess

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Nick Vertucci has created a name for himself with his diverse career prospects and success in his varied ventures. He is a real estate investor passionate about holding seminar classes to teach other entrepreneurs. He is a published author of a successful book, “Seven Figures Decisions: Having Balls to Succeed.” He is also a professional poker player. He only plays part-time but is said to have natural skills.

Vertucci entered the world of professional poker before establishing himself as a successful real estate investor. He played in the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championships in Commerce, CA back in 2004. He has since played many internationally recognized tournament and played with an against high ranking professional and celebrities. His ranking on the All Time Money List has dropped from 108,680 in October of 2018 to it current place, 110,185. His united States All Time Money List rank has also dropped from 53,621 to 54,250. However, his popularity has moved up from its place in October 2018 at 66,450 to 41,795. Vertucci is ranking well on in a part-time career that is reported not to be profitable for 90% of players.

A career as a professional poker player requires skills that are transferable to a successful career in real estate and vis versa. These skills include Vertucci’s ability to read people in poker matches or business deals, and maintaining emotional control and confidence.